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*Orthos only stares at his bickering parents, until his mother begins drawing darkness from Syrnl. Orthos then sees his real father squirming*

Ittheka: SO you hid this from me? I'm going to destroy you with it, then that bastard son of yours. Don't lie to me, I know I wasn't pregnant whilst in that coma. I'll kill you, then Orthos, then Reletha, then I'll get Lokpihet back, and we'll run this house my way

*Orthos slams the medallion down on the table*

Orthos: Take it, father.

*Syrnl takes it. A force crystal appears. Orthos grabs it and runs over to Deac, and gives it to him. Everyone disappears but Syrnl and Ittheka*

Ittheka: Well, Orthos, you could still be my son. Kill him, and together we can rule!

Syrnl: You owe her no loyalty. You probably owe me none. You have to decide which Syrnl I am, and who you will help. That will determine your fate.

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