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SW legos huh.. lets see if I can remember them all....

I have the Ultimate tie Inteceptor
Jango fetts slave one
bobas slave one.
snow speeder
imperial shuttle
tie fighter
sith infiltrator
anikins pod racer
escape pod
jedi star fighter
droid ship thingy walk,flies, you know..
land speeder
desert skif
cloud city ship
battle droid ship, the one with the big gun from E1
battle driod figure
darth vader figure
destroyer driod figure
battle drod transport thingy
naboo fighter
I also have various figure sets.
The blockade runner
and............................................... ...

The Imperial Star destroyer!!!! Booyaaa.

I'm about 75% done and this baby is huge. I have no idea where I'm going to put it. Wife said it's not goig in the familyroom.

might have more, I'm not sure...

I also have about 25 sets from the space collection series from about 8-9 years ago plusa ton of other ones.

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