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*T looks angry* Foolish being. Your undisguised presence here is drawing other spirits in like moths to a flame.

*to Flax's image* You cannot interact here; it is forbidden. I really am sorry for you...your fate came too early and too quickly. But I can't let you interfere...



*Guy sees Heimdall and Idun ascend behind him. They seem somehow clearer than the rest of the still-wandering group. They apparently now saw and heard the mysterious figures in front of them*

Heimdall: This is pointless. You do not have what we seek, and you cannot stop us from reaching our goal.

*The being must have listened to him, for it abruptly faded from view. The images from its memory vanished. Guy took a moment to realize that the man in the dark coat had also vanished.*



Quhn: *kneels and lifts up Misae gently* But Misae. Sometimes you have to let go of the people you love, or the memory of them will consume you.

Misae: NO! I will not leave you! I can't! I needed you and you left!

Quhn: You're exactly right...I left...

*Quhn's image wavers* I am only part of your memory, Misae. All of this is only a part of your memory. Your mind will tell you this. It is telling you this. I am only part of your memory, Misae...

Now will you give this lightsaber to Master Skywalker?

*Misae looks at the lightsaber. It is hers*



*Marin looks at her father for a long moment then sighs* Never mind. Figures.

*Marin exits the water, ignoring the strong urge to stay for just a little while longer. She heads for the gang*



Aidan: What's wrong with you? How'd you follow me here? How'd you find me...what are you doing in this weird place?

Kate: Follow you? Find you? Why, where'd you go?

Aidan: Hello. I left with that girl Marin for the month. You remember.

Kate: No, I don't. Come on, sit down with us. You're making me nervous standing over me like that.

Aidan: We went to another dimension till the slavers took us down from their lists, and the Shadows figured we weren't coming back. C'mon, you remember why we left.

Kate: did, didn't you...

Aidan: Okay, what's the matter with you now?

Kate: *strange look in her eyes* You left us.

Aidan: Yeah, I did, Kate...

Kate: You left us.

Aidan: Okay, you're definitely either drugged out or you're...I don't know...

This isn't a dream, but I'm starting to think it's not real, either...

Kate: You left us.

Aidan: Whatever.

*Aidan walks away, around the section housing his old friends. He is rounding a blocked corner when something reaches out and grabs him by the throat*



*Raschel comes to the nearest section, one resembling her old home, and stops. The four humans in the section turn. She recognizes the closest members of her adoptive family - her mother, father, uncle, and aunt*

Mother: Raschel, honey! Where've you been all this time?

Father: *using his pet nickname for her* Rassi! How good to see you! Come on in, we've been waiting for you!

*her aunt and uncle smile welcomingly. Raschel begins crying*

How? How? You're all dead...the Empire killed you...Syrnl...Syrnl Darkstar did...

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