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My review of that mod:

It's good. The dodging system was thoughtful. At first, I was imagining that this mod would have some slow mo stuff going on like Style over Substance. I figured every dodge would just slow the game down.
1. Unfortunately, timescale alterations simply don't work very well in the JK2/Q3 engine. It causes numberous lag and error problems.

2. Slo-mo is cool as a gimmack but the game has to be playable. No one wants to be constantly going into slo-mo, especially when you can't even see the dodgee in a FFA fight!

It would be possible to do a game with playable slo-mo (in fact, I have basic idea for one) but we'd have to built an engine from the bottom up with good timescalability and a totally different design mindset.

It was pretty cool. I was playing bots though, so to say that I've seen everything there is to see about MotF is a falsehood. My saber battles were really long, mainly because our dodge meters lasted pretty long. Of course, I'm so saturated by the promod system of fighting, I wasn't very good in this one. It's an interesting mod, however my attention span is pretty much hooked. However, I commend it for its freshness.
Yeah, I know about the Dodge Meter and Saber Combat issue. It will go away once I've implimented the Fatigue system.

Most mods kind of add glitz and glamor. Like the old mods of JK, where everything was turned into a mega tank gun (interesting how they never modded the lightsaber. I swear, more "star wars" fans are buying the "star wars games" but go in wanting nothing to do with dramatic gun versus saber combat. They want their jedi armed with tank guns). MotF didn't add a jetpack, or a grappling hook, it just did something you don't normally see. It wasn't overbearing, just some plain and thought out changes.

Of course, I assume MotF is still a work in progress, it would be intersting to see where the mod goes from here.

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