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Question AFTER the console codes!

For some reason, I didn't have much trouble with entering the codes either. But what is absolutely maddening is what happens next! Jan is at the console, I enter a corridor that eventually leads to the "refrigerator room," I climb on the giant arm and make it to the second floor (found 2 secret places on that level) enter the area where the giant bug zapper is. Kill off the rest of the guards but that is it. I have been stuck in this area for a WEEK! There just doesn't seem to be any way out. One would think that you could climb from the ledge to the room where the guards were exterminated earlier, but no way. Can't jumb in. The huge hall on the lower level is no apparent help after you knock out the three mounted guns and the guards. I have been back and forth, back and forth. PLEASE! can someone help?! You are my only hope, Skywalker.

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