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((Dammit - the forum ate my original post x_x so this one's gonna be short...

edit: or not ))


It must have been changed to allow a way out...right? Obviously, you two found it. Now the question is, how do we help them?



*Misae looks with numb confusion at the lightsaber. She looks up, past Quhn and to the Jedi standing in the background. She recognizes Luke Skywalker standing out prominently*

Misae: *pulls away, looking humiliated* You're all mirages...none of you are real...none of you...

Quhn: *looking sadly at the Jedi, all of which Misae knew were dead* You know I never would have left you alone like this knowingly...

Misae: *realizes she is crying, wipes her tears away angrily* Is that supposed to make me feel better?

*Misae, not receiving an answer, looks back at the Jedi. Quhn follows her gaze, then looks pointedly up.

Misae looks past and above the group of Jedi. She receives a mental jolt as she suddenly becomes aware of what is surrounding them, in fact, looming over everything, surrounding it like a stormy sea...

Swirling, hungry, boiling, sucking darkness.



*Marin stops in the middle of the room*

This's creating this world using my memories. So if I want to get away, I need to take my memories away from it...

*Marin concentrates on the first picture that comes up in her mind....that of a wolf. Her body begins to morph*



*Aidan, choking, looks down his attacker's arm. He recognizes the snarling face he sees there; another gargoyle, bigger than he, with dark purple skin rather than blue*

Aidan: You!

Attacker: Yes, me! *raises Aidan higher over his head* Go hide in another dimension, will you? Trying to get away from me? Well, you never were good at either running nor hiding!

Aidan: Shut your deluded yap! *Aidan jabs his claws into his attacker's arm and sends a powerful surge of energy in. The two fly apart*

Aidan: Run away from the likes of you? NEVER!

*Aidan lets fly another arc of deadly energy. His attacker dodges* You always were a sniveling little coward, Aidan! *THe attacker forms a ball of white-silver energy and sends it flying at Aidan, who blocks it*

Aidan: *full of anger, eyes glowing wildly, in full-blown attack mode* I'll show you who is the master, rakae!



*Raschel collapses to her knees. She couldn't take the emotional assault*

Mother: Why are you crying, Raschel?

Raschel: *crying* Because you're not real!

Mother: Why honey, of course I'm real. I'm right here, aren't I?

Raschel: *pushes her away* NO! *still crying* You're not real!

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