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((Alright Here is a general locations of characters

Mine: Main characters are in hyperspace.

Redwing: Rwos is on a planet; Idun is on Coruscant; Star, Alys, and Cracken are in the CSII; Farran is on the Imperial captial world.

Deac: His three characters are in the Coruscant system (ie not on planet).

Battledog: His characters are in the Coruscant system, at the Jedi temple.

Jokemaster His character is in teh Coruscant system.

Scar: Redwing's characters can enter the CSII because of the information Odin gave them. Which would include security codes to open the docking bay doors. Also your droids would not know that Red's characters were force sensitive (which was his point).

Oh Scar you do god mode at times (we just are good at stoping you).

and please clarify this:

Next, If I can't have a character whom Isn't as powerful in nature as red's & admiral's, So I might as well make one that may not one of them, but pretty powerful neitherless... Call it something i thought of them doing in the first place, wasn't all that cool...))

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