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((OSS: Admiral, thats not quite right.))

[b]Flax/[b] (Taklin) Currently abourd Lokpihet's SSD, along with Orthos and Kur.

Ha: Currently on standby at Fighter Command, Corescant

Kal On Odin's ship, looks like he's stuck there.

Sophae Currently abourd RS MC-85d IndependanceII, Freedom VII.

Scar: You can't create a charicter which you say is weak and then suddenly make them all into Sith Spawn super warriors.

Flax is very powerful, however, he rarely uses his full power activlly. For instance, he could smash two ISDs together, however he doesn't. Also, bear in mind he's in his 50s, it took him years to achieve that kind of control.

Hal is potentially as powerful, he's more of a warrior, he lacks the disipline to wield the force as well as his father.

Kal is my weakest charicter, he's Deac's Padawan.

Sophae is possibly my strongest charicter, however she's very passive. Her power is reflected in the fact that she appears to age slower than the average human. She looks about 35.

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