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((Scar, this is part of what Battledog means. You missed part of the converstation.

Redwing's suggestion:

The assassine stab one of the Irvines (which one is up to you). The Assassine believes that he killed Irvine (once again which one is up to you), and left. Now Irvine was not killed but injured badly. (Since the RH Irvine is a Jedi I think it would be safe to say the intended target was the WH Irvine.)

Jedi can mask their presance, subsequently the Assassine being a jedi hide his presance. Also Assassines would specialize in hiding their presance so.)

Battledog has agreed, and now you need to decide if Irvine dies, or is just injured. Now if we could get back to the RPG))

*The Aesirian battlegroup exits hyperspace above a remote, unpopulated world*

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