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((Yeah...I usually do...but for some reason I didn't that time ^^;; stoopid me))


*touches Orthos, who had stopped moving, curious*

Guy: I don't get it. He's seeing only light. No memory-images.

Orthos...Orthos? Can you hear me?



*Aidan flies at the gargoyle facing him. The two crash into the amorphous "wall" of the room. The two struggle briefly, then kick the other off*

Attacker: I was always more powerful than you. Now I'm going to finally prove it. You won't leave here alive!

Aidan: You were always a fool, Solitan. *attacks again, energy bolts flying from his fingertips. Solitan deflects them*

Aidan: How did you do that?

*Solitan answers with another ball of energy. Aidan barely dodges*

Aidan: I see you've got an upgrade. Have to sell your soul for this one?

Solitan: Stupid. This was always my true power. You just wouldn't let yourself see it! Playtime's over, pal!

*Balls of white radiating energy fly at Aidan. Aidan lets fly his own energy attack, which successfully blocks the energy balls, sending them flying everywhere*

Aidan: *laughs* There's nothing worth seeing!



*As Marin finishes the morph, the images distort and fade. When the morph completed, the images disappeared completely. The room, as she had anticipated, recognized her as an animal. In reality, she was an animal linked to and controlled by a human brain and body somewhere in the dimension known as zero-space.

With her wolf vision, she now sees the rest of the group*

*in thought speech* <What was that?>



*Raschel backs away from the faux images of her adoptive parents. She closes her eyes tightly and starts to run, but bumps into someone. She opens her eyes, and sees one of the other K'Berans standing in front of her*

Raschel: Who are you?!

K'Beran: I'm a memory, like everything here. I'm your mother, Raschel.



Misae: What does this mean?

Quhn: I don't know. Because you don't know.

Misae: If everything here is a memory...

Quhn: Your memories, your thoughts, your mind.

Misae: Damn you. Damn you to hell...for not being real. Now I know I'll never have him back.

*Misae passes Quhn and walks towards the darkness*



T: I know what you are. *raises his hands, palms outward* You will leave. Now.

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