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Okay I guess you people force me to say the the cloned Irvine was injured...

Red, If that loads of logic say that if they are cloaked, they can't be detected, you know relise if they leave the ship, they leave the cloak.

As for them loopholes I mentioned, screw em. ^_^ All my characters (any maybe some whom someone might control), all have been trained in secrecy in a giant force shielded temple, free from any other force sensitive beings...

*before thermal*

RH Irvine: "No! Who did that!" *angry at assassin...* "Where'd he go..."

*Kioet storms in, knabs WH Irvine...*

RH Irvine: "HEY!" *Thermal Det thrown* "Thermal Det! Scater!"

*Onboard shuttle...*

WH Irvine: "My, my, The Weapons dealer decided to grow a few... Heh, heh..."

*The other vangaurd st ruggle to hold WH Irvine as he screams in agony. His muscles buldge, as he throws the two vangaurd to the side, he collapses to hin knees, and from the back, the wound heals... Muscles hardly decreasing in side, WH Irvine comes to, and lifts his head to show the sadistic look on his face...*
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