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Jared Sinn steps lightly throught the doors of the disheveled cantina and takes quick inventory of the patrons, service droids, and especially, exits from the building. Deciding that it was as good a place as any to start asking the locals where to go about finding some able-bodied sentients looking to make a fair amount of credits, he slides onto a stool at the bar. After several minutes of being completely ignored, the bartender, a shady-looking human male, lumbers over to where Jared stands and speaks:

Bartender: "What are you drinking then?"

Jared: "What do you have thats local?"

Bartender: "Nothing I'm sure you'd be interested in. How about a Corellian Ale?"

Jared: "Yeah, thats fine, thanks."

Jared flips several credits on to the counter and the bartender scoops them up expertly, as he places the drink on the bar. Jared quickly drains the glass.

Bartender: "Thirsty today aren't we? Have another?"

Jared: "Sure. Hey, listen, you wouldnt happen to know where I might find a few people interested in making some quick credits, would you?"

Jared flips a handful of credits on to the bar

Jared: "It involves a bit of stealth, a little patience, and, quite likely, a lot of shooting..."

Scooping up the coins without blinking, the bartender regards Jared for several seconds. After coming to a conclusion, he replies.

Bartender: "It's possible I might know a few people like that. Wait around a while and enjoy your drink"

Jared picks up the freshly filled glass of ale and crosses the room to sit at a booth

"Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves,

And immortality."

-Emily Dickinson
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