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((Scar: Uhhhh - ghosts don't get more powerful than psuedo-gods

@Deac: Yay, an evil Aege ))


*T's hand illuminate. Beams of off-blue light emanate from them, circling*

T: I am the guardian of these mortals. *The beams move closer to the spectar's form* My power is something even you don't understand. And I told you, I know what you are. Go back to your spectral world.



*Aidan lashes out again, at full power. He increases the power until ripping energy bolts leap from all over his entire body. The entire room fills with the lightning-like destructive energy emanating from him. The energy cracks across Solitan's body with vicious heat*

Solitan: AAAHHHHHH!! *vanishes in a flash of light*

*Aidan laughs. He powers down* Anyone else?

*Aidan looks around the room. His mouth drops open in horror*


Marin, Guy

*Marin demorphs. The room remains normal. Apparently it she'd beaten whatever mystical program ran it.*

Guy: *still touching Orthos* Relethar? Who is that?




*The K'Beran looks back silently. Raschel turns away*

This isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real...

*Out of the corner of her eye, she glimpses someone*




*She stops in front of the wall of Jedi. Luke Skywalker looks at her expectantly*

Misae: *takes out her lightsaber* You want this?

*Luke does not respond*

Misae: *face turns into a snarl* Too bad.

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