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Ah, sounds good. I can't wait for the next release.
Hopefully that will save me from rabid ugnaughts with stun battons and the ability to avoid every single red strike I throw at them.

Are you going to add any extra fancy additions to the mod; like custom hilt selection, emotes, RGB saber colour?
I believe you said about putting that in the final version, but what's your take about adding them to the mod?

I personally like the custom hilt selection, but the RGB makes it less SW-like due to having 5 jedi with 5 different shades of blue. Maybe just adding some extra colours to the originals would be nice; white, grey etc.

Emotes are nice, but it seems they can be abused (just like 80% of the game so far..) You can cut-out of move animations; avoid being hit (blasted sit and crossarms emotes..) so maybe emotes are a bad idea. But they do add a nice touch. Plus there's loads of unused animations in the animation.cfg file; so making some of those into emotes would be cool.
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