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OOC: Fella's, sorry I haven't been around for awhile. Me and my er.... Significant Other (Lol) haven't seen each other for a few months now because of college, so I've been trying to see her as much as possible over the past few days while i still could. Sorry about the break in posts.

IC:Bastalek crooked his head and looked at the man sitting down the bar. hhhhmmmmmmmmm, normally the bartender doesn't take special notice to customers who only have one drink. The man was talking under his breath, and through the music and grumble of the cantina all Bastalek could hear was a low mumble. After a moment, the man retreated to a booth along the side of the bar.
The bartender then cracked a slight grin and paced his way over in front of Bastalek and set his elbows on the bar. Looking back over at the bartender Bastalek said, "What the hell do you want steve?"

Steve: I gotta job for ya Bast, but the only way you're getting it is if I get a cut.

Bastalek: A cut? Why should I give you a cut? The last time I did a job YOU gave me I almost got killed-

Steve:-Big deal, you always ALMOST get killed. Hell, I'll bet you almost died on the way to the can this morining.

Bastalek: Shut up, the floor was wet.

Steve: HA!

Bastalek: Ok ok, you've proved your point, what's the job?

Steve: Do I get a cut?

Bastalek: DAMN'T! Fine you can have a cut, now what's the job.

Steve: See that fella that just sat himself down in the thrid booth, talk to him. Said he needed a hired gun to do a job for him.

Bastalek: *Sigh* Steve, you know I can't shoot worth ****.

Steve: So, you've got a buncha friggin guns, so go over there and make me some money.

Bastalek gazed over at the man for a slight moment and puffed some warm air into his hands as he got off his bar stool. Sitting down in the booth Bastalek locked eyes with the man sitting acrossed from him and said, "So what's the job?"

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