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Valkryie: Finally your awake. Took you long enough.

*She turns off some life monitors*

I assume the effects of the blast haven't completly warn off. When they do press this button and someone will bring you to me. There is a message from Lord Odin, I suggest you read it.

Recently I told you that if more of your kind enters this galaxy it would be disasterous. I didn't clarify further, because of the other people around when we talk. Going in depth about this at that time was not appropiate.

Now getting to the matter, when we meet again I will tell you more. For now, I'll leave it at this. There is a great evil in this galaxy, greater then you can imagine. Amoung other things we protect this galaxy from it. We also safeguard the galaxy from other dangers. Now, cross overs represant a threat, so we must watch them. The more that crossover the greater the threat and the more resources are required to make sure nothing wrong happens. If enough people crossover then we will no longer be able to keep this evil contained. It would break free and wreck havoc on this dimension, and others. I cannot allow that.

I know the temptation to call in others Blades will be great, especially considering the presence of the Shadows and Gallyava.

Lord Odin

P.S. Was it wise to send a man with Raging death to Coruscant. Especially considering how fast it spreads.

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