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All of the sudden a roar of laughter and surprise comes up from a nearby table where a group is playing Sabacc. The attention seems to be focused on a slightly plump male Zabrak wearing a short suade jacket. He has dark skin and distintive black tatoos. One of his horns his been chipped off at the tip, most likely in some brawl. Scooping a large amount of credits into a bag he begins to leave. An older human male at the table asks:

Older Human: Lothas are you leaving so soon?

Lothas (the Zabrak): Well I have some pressing business to attend to Cerll, plus you don't want me taking all of your money do you?

At this another roar of laughter comes up from the group, all of whom have been downing ale and spirits through the night. A beautiful blue-skinned Twi'Lek female at the table pleads:

Twi'Lek Female: Oh please Mr. Akor just stay a bit longer?

Lothas: I'm sorry my dear but I really must get going.

He takes a small amount of credits from the bag and puts them in his pockets, then dumps the rest back onto the table.

Lothas: (with a smile) Until next time then.

With that he heads towards the exit, passing the two men speaking in the booth.

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