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Green cystal room

I can't believe I'm stiuck again. But it looks like I have some company. I'm in a corridor looking down through a glass window at three guards and what appears to be a levitating green crystal. Someone posted a reply (I'm sorry, I forgot the name) that suggested trying every locked door. I've counted six of them - not counting the "green door" that you first pass through when you enter this part of the game - nuttin'. Is the secret at all related to the two switches in the observation nook right around the corner that can be turned on and off. I' "think" I've tried every combination of "on" and "off" but don't see anything different.

Do you need to let those lasers in a room close by get out of control? I didn't see any advantage to that. But...? Anyway, sure would appreciate a hand with this.

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