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Main Group

Guy: Yes, there's a door...but I'm not sure you can use it until you can see it. Hey, that you think it contains anything that can help you?

*realizes something* Heimdall! Put the room's crystal back together! It might be necessary to let them emerge from the dream!



*Aidan stares around the room*

*All around the room, he could see the friends from his memories. Except they weren't standing, or talking, or even moving now.

They were lying where they had fallen. Dead.

Aidan looks at his hands, still sparking*




*Luke looks startled and disappointed*

Misae: Surprised? You shouldn't be. All you Jedi have done is abandon me. Or die. And now, you want me to join you? I don't think so. Even if it's only in a dream.

*Quhn's voice comes from behind her* What about the darkness, Misae?



*Raschel stares. She can see Orthos...faded, unmoving, but there*

Orthos? Orthos...Is that you? Orthos?


Dimensional Plane

*As the Spectar slips away, something catches hold of him before he dissolves in his own realm*

Voice: Leaving, so soon? Pity...I was so hoping to speak with you...

*The Spectar sees a man similar-looking to T, but with light purple hair, blue eyes and a devious smile*

Man: I was thinking we could...assist each other. *grins*


Coruscant, Ground Side

Officer: Shield down! I repeat, planetary shield has been breached!

Officer 2: Where are our starships!?!

Officer 3: *looking at a viewscreen* Wait! Is that...Lokiphet!?

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