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*K'Warra and the girl walk down the road. As they near the house, K'Warra spots someone in the bushes*

K'Warra: *reaching out and dragging the person from its hiding place* Well well, what have we here? A vampire.

*the vampire changes into game face and struggles in K'Warra's grip*

K'Warra: It's pointless to struggle. I'm no ordinary creature. *the vampire's eyes dart past him and look at the girl, who is standing in shadow* And neither is she. Look, here's how it is. Your boss Vorador has a mansion up the road, yes.

Vampire: *smiles past his teeth* I don't know what you're talking about...

*K'Warra sighs and drops the vampire. As it tries to scramble away, he places his foot firmly on its throat, pinning it down. He rips a piece of the nearest tree off*

K'Warra: Let's review. Sunlight, fire, beheading, certain holy relics, and...stake through the heart. *places the point of the piece of wood against the vampire's chest* I miss any?

Vampire: *voice strangled* Vorador...will...

K'Warra: *pressing the stake in so it begins to pierce the skin* Vorador will what?

Vampire: you...want?

K'Warra: I want you to show me to Vorador.

Vampire: He'll...kill...

K'Warra: So will I.

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