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*An SAR picks up Flax' and Kur's pod and takes them to the IndependanceII, newly arrived in-system.*

*Once the shuttle lands Flax walks down the ramp, bay goes deadly quiet, the gaurds snap to attention and everyone else freezes.*

Flax: Get back to work, we're in the middle of a battle! *grin*

*The bay relaxes.*

Flax: *To trooper* Take this man to the Brig, take his weapons and leave him with a gaurd.*

*To Kur* We don't have time to sort out your story, you'll be confined until the battle is over. Don't worry our cells aren't anywhere as bad as Lokpihet's.

*Flax heads to the Bridge.*

Flax: Hows it going Admiral?

*Admiral Tarek was an aging Wookie, with a slight stoop and fur mottled grey.

Tarek: <The flagship is destroyed, the other forces continue to fight, we believe the commander escaped the explosion. We have not yet determined the new Flagship.>

Flax: In that case I don't think I'm really needed, I'll com my wife, where is she?

Security: Bay 4, Sir.


*Sophae smiled, she hadn't been afraid for her husband but it was always good to here his voice.*

Sophae: Ok, take his helmet off, now go.

*She studied the young man infront of her, he was quite tall and well built, his resemblance to his uncle was obvious*

*She circled him* So, you are Orhtos Starkiller?

Orhtos: Darkstar.

*Sophae favored him with a small smile and gave a dissmissive wave.*

*She could sense he was almost totally force blind, however, he was quite good looking, Sophae wondered if Deac's hero ethic extended to his nethew.*

Sophae: Orthos, I don't believe we've met, although I've met your uncle. Do you know who I am?

((OSS: Remember, Sophae is absolutly gorgeous, tall, silm, big bright grey-green eyes, dark blond hair.... You get the picture. Currently she's also projecting an aura throguh the force, to which Orthos has no defence.))

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