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Rwos: Won't be necessary. She's a Blade. She'll be able to track me to here. *looks closely at the monitor view of the Shadows*

I think they don't know how to transport that thing without wrecking it further...or they know being watched, and preparing to put up some sort of blocking system.

Considering they saw me talking to the Valkeyrie, and they'd surely have detected their presence...and the amount of time they're taking, probably both.


*As Ida's ship, Rwos' in two, leaves the atmosphere of Coruscant, she sees Lokiphet's destroyer explode*

Wonder what that was.

*She recouples her fighter with its second, discarded piece and attached Rwos' ship to its tail*

Okay. Now to find his teleporter... it.

*Ida's ship enters warpspace*

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