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The adventure magazine The Inventory 3 is ready for download

The 3rd issue of the adventure magazine The Inventory is ready for download from the front page of Just Adventure ( The third issue features:

-Interview with Tierra (King's Quest 2 remake, Quest for glory 2 remake)
-Interview with Frogwares (Journey to the Center of the Earth, Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy)
-Review of the month of Law and Order
-Review Tribute of Gabriel Knight 3
-Review of Pharaoh's Curse
-Previews of Black Mirror and Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the mummy
-Over 60 screenshots
-And much more in 53 pages full of adventures

You need Winzip to unzip the file and Acrobat Reader to read it. For any comments/suggestions/questions you can either post them here or send a mail to
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