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Originally posted by ZBomber
1. I guesss you guys are spamming too, because 3 of you posted the smae thing.
2. We were not spamming or chatting. The subject is, What SW guys do you ahve and how many. I was sayind Daring Dueler got a Swoop Trooper in bad condition, then he told you that it was in bad condition.
3. Set an example, why didn;t you use SMn to talk to me?
1. I suggested the hotel feature just to help you keep from getting others to have to tell you the same thing, I was only trying to help you avoid embarrasment.

2. You got off topic a couple of times, everyone does it. You don't have to be so sensitive when somebody calls you on it. It's not like anyone flamed you or anything.

3. Using MSN to contact members is NOT a requirement of us mods. How can we possibley chat with all LF members using MSN, we use the boards to get our points across. Just because you choose to use MSN, does not mean that we have to use that medium to communicate with you. For the record, posts were reported in this thread and were dealt with accordingly. leXX was doing her job, and I was just suggesting the hotel feature, to help you guys out. I was not accusing anyone of anything so please do not make an issue out of this. Thank you.
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