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name: longo 2 guns also many other names

age 16

race clantaani

Force yes

powers: lightning, pull, push, saber throw, force destruction, heal, levitation, force freeze, death stare, teleportation, telekineises (mind reading and vision sight), force projection, invisibility, blinding

weapons: 2 blaster pistols, light saber ( color dark blue), blaster rifle, thermal charges, wrist dart launcher, ion gun

occupation: jedi master, leader of a gang full of jedi knights

ship: yt-2002 corellian transport "Gettysburg"

ship weapons: 4 laser, 2 turret, 2 ion cannon, and 4 missle tubes

hyperdrive: yes

bio: hailing from clantaani 2, longo's name wan't origional and his origional name is a mystery. at the age of 5 longo was sold into slaveryfor 5 years he was a slave to the dugs, then one day when the galatic republic ended slavery, longo was rescued by a group of jedi, but before the jedi came longo grabbed 2 blasters and shot down 2 of his masters. then the jedi came and rescued him.

The jedi that rescued him recognized his force talents, and soon longo was a padawan learner. Longo was a quick learner and learned all of his force powers. Soon the jedi council sent him on missions. then one day the jedi council presented him something neat. the council asked longo if he wanted to have a gang of jedi, a base near ur home planet, ur own ship, with the base a squadron of fighters and a couple star ships. longo was excited and he accepted the offer.

end of bio

station base: Family Base (from x wing allaince)

fighters: authority IRDs

star ships: 2 corvettes

transports: shuttles and troop transports

Gang name: the moxie boys

attire: black pants red vest, sometimes a black cloak sandales for footwear.

partner: my jedi friends and my droid MK-22
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