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Holk: Are you sure you can get to your ship in time? Well, if you follow me I'll take you to a show you a quicker way to reach your friend, and ship. Oh, can you survive a little decompression?

*Before Rwos can answer Holk stands and leads him to another hanger. She and Rwos head for a two seater fighter. Holk takes the forward chair leaving the backseat for Rwos. In this fighter the two seats were seperated.

Speaking over the com

You'll find a canister of oxygen under your seat if you can't handle decompression. Enjoy the ride.

*Without another word, Holk lifts the ship, turns it towards closed hanger doors and goes full throttle. The doors open just enough for the fighter to fit through*

Wow it worked.

*Within Seconds the fighter was in space heading towards the small skirmish.*

You can signal your ship anytime you want. *chaning the com channel* First wave is a go.

*Without warning and appearing to have come from no where a volley of laser bolts lash out hitting the Shadow's ships. The twelve cloaked fighters finishing their strafing run and going full speed leave the area and head behind the planet. Then two large destroyers drop out of hyperspace heading directly towards the Shadow's ship*

Holk: Did I mention we really don't like being attacked?

*The destroyers quickly close distance, and begin to open fire. Currently only using the less advanced turbolaser, they fire volley after volley. A cloaked Frigate moves in front of the third Shadows path, drops cloak and begins to open fire.*

Holk: Oh, if you care to tell us how the Shadows are towing that ship we will intercept it and stop them from leaving with it. Or we can destroy it. I believe you can safly get to your ship now.

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