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*Ida watches as the Aesirian ship's volleys hit the Shadows, having little effect. She tries to scan the Gallyava ship, but finds she can't*

Great. They've a mild warp field over it. Creative...they can tow it and it won't show up on scanners either. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to tell if there's any live Gallyava abroad, so I can't shoot!

*taking a second look at the Aesirian ship* Wait a second. Those ships...are those more Aesir?


*Rwos shrugs off the decompression effects as his regeneration factor heals them* Don't bother attacking them - their shields will probably be too strong. *looks at the ships in front of him* looks like they aren't protecting the Gallyava ship. Can you scan you can't. Dammit! I don't think there's anything we can do. We can't risk hitting it if there's live Gallyava abroad, can't try to cut it off for the same reason, and no way to stop it from leaving. Unless you've got a better option.

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