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*Holk smilies*

Holk: This is just to get their attention, please watch what happens now.

*The two destroyers ling up, so that the two shadow ships that engaged Ida were between them. Blue arcs began to play accross the destroyers' hull. Suddenly the arcs connected, other acrs continued to play across the hull. This was perhaps the most dazzling weapon the Aesir have ever created. The Shadows' ship came within range. At the center of where the blue arcs meet. Two more highly focused Arcs Shoot out, each hitting one of the ships around the center of the ship. Once there it seemed to dance amoung the hull until finally the arcs came to the engines, where they stayed*

Holk: About the wreck, once that field covering it is down, we can impose a containment field that will keep in the atmosphere. If you can talk to the shadows, tell them that we rather destroy both them and the ship rather then letting them have it. Even if there are any Gallayva on board. There only hope of escaping the system alive is to surrender. If they do that then we will let them leave. If they do not we will kill them, using a resonance torpedo if we have to. At the very least that frigate there will ram them.

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