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*Raschel begins to lose awareness of her surroundings as Orthos comes into focus. She touches him, and suddenly her memories disappear. She is left looking at the whiteness surrounding Orthos*

What does this mean?

*Raschel hears a voice, like an echo*

"Getting your attention, Mortal? Good. Now, I hate to interupt your little crusade, but soon you're going to go through a change and you're gonna need to make some friends among us. My name is Relethar. This power you have, you could use it...for yourself. Think about it."

*Raschel shudders involuntarily. Then another voice comes*

"Relethar....god of Vengeance. Brother of Lokpihet, God of Hatred."

Vengeance. Something I held on to for so long...something I might be still holding if it wasn't for Orthos. I couldn't really keep hating his father while Orthos loved him...maybe that's why seeing him now erased that horrid place?

But why is he still here?

*Suddenly an idea comes to her*

Raschel: Orthos, listen to me. This can't see your world because of that vengeance god Relethar. You're still seeing on it's level, that of evil, and since that's conflicting with the good inside you you can't see a thing. But Orthos, when all is said and done, you are Orthos, simply Orthos, with or without an Avatar, good or evil. You don't need to see with the eyes of gods to really see, open yours...



*Aidan looks at his hands, still sparking. He can see splashes of red on them...blood-red...*

*Aidan screams* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

*The room distorts and swirls, and then rips open and folds away, leaving Aidan standing in the middle of the room with the others, staring at his hands, which still appear, to him, to have the phantoms of the bloodstains on them*



*As Quhn's voice speaks, from the darkness Misae can see a form emerge. A man in a black, flowing cloak and masked, shadowed face.

The figure extends its hand and ignites a blood-red lightsaber.

Misae ignites her own bright teal blade. Both swing at the same time*

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