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okay, ill jsut fix it right here and now...

*After Spectar tells off DarkDeac, he quickly destroyies the body, only leaving the soul which the foolish avatar accdently doing upon himself...*

Spectar: "Congrats... Now you can travel no where... Unless permitted... Now I have to make a new body to use..."


*A figure in the very same hanger that has a lumious aura around him, stands up... and quickly notices how everything around him appears ackward...*

*panicing he feels what he thinks is his chest... a hole... now he starts to become less translusent... He is nothing more then the Cloned Irvine himself! DEAD!*


*Back in the psyical realm, where the spirit cannot see... what everyone thinks is Irvine, pretends to play his role, bides his time...*

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