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I like all different kinds of music. I can't pick one, but i'll give you some of my favorite bands and then in parentheses i'll say what style it is.

Dimmu Borgir(Black Metal)
Neurosis(Doom Metal)
Residents(Avant Garde)
Primus(Avant Garde Rock)
System of a Down(Neo-Avant Garde Rock/Alternative)
Moonspell(Gothic Metal)
OTEP(Doom Metal)
Marylin Manson(Melodic Rock)
Snake River Conspiracy(Industrial)
Six Feet Under(Death Metal)
God Forbid(Thrash Metal)
Cradle of Filth(Black Melodic Metal)
Missy 'Misdemeaner' Elliot(Avant Garde Rap)
Alice Cooper(Rock'n'Roll)
Meat Loaf(Rock'n'Roll)
My Dying Bride(Doom Metal)
Creatures of Chaos(Chaotic Metal...whatever the hell that is)

And that's not it. Notice I didn't put any Electronika bands on their. That's because I love Techno so much it gets its own section.

Rob D.
Die Form
Pale 3
Trance Opera
The Crystal Method
Nine Inch Nails

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