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Exclamation Guilty!

What are some of the nasty collector's habbits that you are guilty of? Don't be bashful! One thing I am guilty of is buying mulitiple figures. Especially stormtroopers, battle droids, and Clone troopers. I usually go and get about anywhere from 4-10 at once. I have dozens of stromtroopers, Royal Guard, Snowtroopers, Tie Pilots, At-At Pilots, whatever. So next time you go to the stores and wonder why you can't find guys like that, it's because of greedy men like me.
I like to make diorammas using computer enlarged backdrops of movie sets, then glue those images to posterboard, and then stand my 3 and 3/4" guys in front of them, re-creating classic movie scenes. As soon as I revamp my dioramas, i'll post some photos of them. My favorite scene is one I made with a handful of sandtroopers, some sand, Luke's speeder, Obi-wan and 2 droids. "You don't need to see his identification, you can go about your business, move along..." I see in the Jawa Trader that Stoormtrooper "troop builder sets" are now available.
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