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((ooookay @ Scar))

Ida: This is way too risky, Rwos.

Rwos: It's the only way. We probably have about a minute before they can enter warpspace.

Ida: What about your friends up there?

Rwos: There's nothing they can do in a minute that wouldn't provoke the Shadows to just dump the Gallyava and leave.

Ida: Won't trying to board them do the same thing?

Rwos: No. They won't see boarding as threatening their safety the way an attack would. Trust me, I have experience with these people.


Ida, we're out of time.

Ida: Fine. But if this goes wrong, keep in mind it's all of our heads.

*Rwos and Ida fly their fighters in a circling vector towards the ship towing the Gallyava, avoiding the barrage of fire sent back their way*

*The two ships with disabled engines stay silent for a moment longer, then open fire themselves*

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