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Thread: Fantasy story
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Fantasy story


It was a dark night at a city called Paradisus. It was the year 200. The world was under an evil ruler, Jackamore Black. His loayal guard called Blades of dark, held the peace in the dictatorship. The normal human kind had the tax of 99%, so they hadn't much to eat. The elven kind were banished into the eastern forests, dwarfs thought were vanished and extinct, but they lived up on the northern mountains. The kingdom's heart was the mage council, that held only the corrupt and greedy high-mages. Every lower level mage that didn't want to obey the councils rules, left east, to learn from the elves. One mage, Tepe, was an animal-lover. He had very good connections to eagles, that's greatest was Gwaihir, son of Thorondor. Gwaihir was the ruler of the eagles, and carried Tepe to the magical elven forest of Dmdil.
Dmdil was the homeforest of the elven prince, Tim-Dl. He was a great magician, some say he was born from magic. Tepe, the mage and Tim-Dl were very good friends, and both loved nature. They were allmost like brothers. Tepe learned magic with him for many years. As Tepe was 102 and Tim-Dl 202, Tepe left back to the kingdom and meet the council.

Chapter 1 - Arrival

Tepe climbed off from Gwaihir's back and looked around, correcting his hood. Everything was dark and misty, there was no life on the streets, only sound was the screeching of the windows and the loud talking that came from the nearby tavern. Some guards walked past with no sound and headed for the crowded tavern. There was no other sleeping place nearby, so Tepe walked to the tverns door. "The bouncing pony. Seems like a nice place" Tepe said to himself as he read the sign hanging on top of the tavern's door.As Tepe opened the door, he saw orcs, knights, guards, normal working human men, young women serving the men the beer and halflings. Even some dark dressed rangers gave their own presence to the tavern. Tepe seemed like a beggar as he walked to the bartender. He pulled his cape around him tighter so his elven clothes wouldn't show. He looked the bartender. Obviously he was one of the blacklanders. Shorter than humans, fatter than most of the humans, and much uglier than an orc could ever be. Tepe looked downwards and leaned on his staff. "I would like a room for one night" Tepe said, like he would be a poor human with nothing to work on. The bartender looked at Tepe and whiped his hands on a rag on his belt. "Sure, sir. That would be five gold coins" the bartender said with a deep voice. Tepe took five coins from his small pouch hanging on his belt and gave the shiny and well decorated. It had two cobras wrapped around a sword.
The bartender took the coins and gave Tepe a shiny key. "Room five, third floor, on the right" "Thank you"
Tepe walked up the stairs. At the second floor, he saw a familiar face. Michael Johnsson, the ex-guard that had the honor of kicking Tepe out, now wearing the honorable suit of the Blades of dark. Tepe past him and walked another stairs up. He turned right and stopped infront of a wooden door that had a dirty metallic number 5 on it. Tepe inserted the key on the keyhole and Opened the door. He took the key and closed the door, locking it from the inside. He looked around the room. A large wooden table next to the window with a candle. Another candle on a smaller table next to the bed. The night was falling down on the city. Tepe was tired and took off his cape, revealing a green mage-suit, made by the elves. The belt had a metallic leaf and a scabbard. In the scabbard was an elven sword. His hair was grey and he held a wooden staff in his right hand with a green magical ball on top of it.
Sleep came quickly to Tepe. His sleep was deep, allmost like meditation. He knew when to wake up, he knew what to say when he got to the council, and what to do when going to meet the council.

Chapter 2 - Council

The sun just started to rise as Tepe woke up. He heard a slight knock on the door. He opened the door and saw a ranger.
"Yes?" Tepe asked and looked the ranger curiously.
"Don't you remember an old friend, Tepe, son of Wheeler, the archmage?" the ranger said and looked down with his hood on his head.
"Tomzo? I thought you died in the orc wars" Tepe allmost shouted with joy. "Come in" he continued and signed for the ranger to come in.
The two had a small talk and then left towards the council's tower. As they arrived, there was a Drow greeting them. The Drow walked them into the chambers where they would wait for the council to talk with Tepe. "A drow... The council has fallen to believe they could control the greed of these elves" Tepe whispered to Tomzo as they walked. "Very true, Mage Tepe. The council has slaved us, threathening to kill Matrice Belladorf if we won't do what they tell us to do" explained the drow as they entered tthe chambers. "Wait here. The council will take you in soon" the drow said and left.
A few hours later, another drow came to them. "Mage Tepe, you may come now to see the arch mage council" he said and Tepe stood up to walk with the drow and into the huge chamber where the council met. The drow stopped, but Tepe continued his way to the center of this huge chamber. He looked around and heard the highest and oldest of the archmages start to speak.
"Mage Tepe. Why did you come back to this place you call corrupt? Do you come here to mock us even more?"
"No, Archmage Magerus. I come here for the elven people. As you know, I am specialized in the nature magic, that is a powerful magic's area. You may know Tim-Dl, the Prince of the elven people in the forest of Dmdil"
"Yes, we have heard of him. Some say he was born from magic"
"Yes, I have been under his teaching, and now I would like to place here a bet. The ruler, Jackamore Black, has no power if the council is not here to help him. If I can win five of your council members, you shall come with me to meet the elven people"
"Hmm... We must discuss this within ourselves. Will you pleace leave for a moment..."
Tepe nodded and left back to the chambers.
Hours past. It was allmost night, as the council brought him back.
"Have you made your decision?"
"Yes. You shall confront our thoughest five. Me, Margoth, Alleen, Casur and Gasotus"
"Where shall we battle, and when?"
"Now and here"
Tepe drew his cape and hood off and hit his staff to the ground, making it more like the archmage's staffs. The five archmages left their places and soon came from a large door. Tepe first met Gasotus, the youngest one, specialized in air.

Chapter 3 - The battle starts

Gasotus stepped forwards a few steps and rose his staff to make the wind blow even inside. Tepe smiled at the try and formed a large ball around himself from roots growing throught the floor. It was something the mage council hand't seen before. Tepe did this all without even spells. A small snap came from one of the roots and a large branch launched towards Gasotus from behind, throught the floor. This hit and made Gasotus drop to the ground. The wind vanished and the roots opened. Tepe looked Gasotus as roots tied him to the ground. This was easy. The next one, Casur would be thougher.
Casur was the old competition of Tepe, specialized in fire. The fight started as a fireball flew towards Tepe. Tepe made a ew root ball over hime and the fireball hit it, making the roots start burning away but then the roots just vanished. Tepe's staff flew throught the air and hit Casur in the stomach. Tepe ran towards him, grabbed his staff and hit Casurs legs with it, making Casur lose his balance. Tepe made circles with the staff as he hit Casur that flew throught the air and into the wall only a few seconds later. Tepe had crouched a little, stopped the staff behind his back and hit Casur with his fist. He stayed in that position for a moment as a black magical frisbee flew throught the air and towards Tepe, only to be crashed int Tepe's staff. "Margoth" Tepe said and looked his new opponent. He rushed towards him, avoiding the black frisbees coming at him. Just as he hit Margoth with his staff, he was hit by Margoth's staff. Bth went flying into different directions. As Margoth rose, Tepe lied there. As it seemed Margotyh had won, five branches came from the ground and made a cell around him. Margoth was now locked up in a cage as Tepe rose up.
"Three of five" Tepe said. "Will you drop?"
Alleen rushed forwards towards Tepe, but soon flew backwards to the wall. A branch lowered back into the ground. Tepe jumped throught the air and landed infront of Alleen, hitting her with his staff. The mage woman blacked out.
the meeting between the oldest archmage, the most respected mage in the hole kingdom, and Tepe, a lonely and self-learned mage apprentice that had beaten four of the mage school's best learners, was furious.
All the branches disappeared and the beaten archmages left as Tepe and Magerus set themselves in the opposite sides of the hall. Both used the nature magic. The two started running towards the other. Their staffs made a huge cracking and bocking sound as they hit.

(I have been working on this for four days. More will come soon)

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