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Thread: Truckload of ideas for MODers
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Truckload of ideas for MODers

I'd hate to call these "requests," because I don't it to sound like I'm saying, "Make these changes for me, damnit!" However, these are things I have wanted to see done to Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy for a while now. I'm calling them "ideas," so that it sounds more friendly. Here are my ideas:

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast:

Reborn/Shadowtrooper Saber MOD: The reborn have lightsaber blades that match their outfits: blue, green, orange and red. The Shadowtroopers would have purple and yellow. Perhaps additional Reborn and Shadowtrooper NPCs can be created with duel sabers and double-bladed sabers, and perhaps some Jedi as well.

NPC Skid Marks MOD: Those skid marks that appear on NPCs in Jedi Academy when coming in contact with a lightsaber will now appear in Jedi Outcast as well.

Tavion/Desann Beef-Up MOD: Truth is, Tavion and Desann were just way too easy. (The stragey guide has no strategy at all for Desann. They tell you to just "pretend he's a shadowtrooper." Isn't that terrible?) Hence, I think their health should be greatly notched up. Perhaps give Tavion some of Allura's moves from Jedi Academy. I think Desann should have all of Kyle's moves from the dark side boss fight at the end of Academy, (picking you up and throwing you, punching you in the stomach a few times before throwing you, constantly healing, etc.) and should be just as hard to defeat as Kyle was.

Luke Beef-Up MOD: Now, come on! He's the grand master of the New Jedi Order and you are an unnofficial Padawan rediscovering the Force. So why is he easily killed, and you are not? Doesn't make sense to me. In Jedi Academy, on the other hand, Kyle is virtually invincible. He heals all the time and uses Protection and Absorb frequently. Luke should be more like that in Outcast.

Acrobatics/Lightsaber Moves/Force Functionality Conversion MOD: Ever since I played Jedi Academy and witnessed all the improvements in acrobatics, lightsaber combat and Force powers, I have wished that Jedi Outcast would have the same features. Here is a list of everything I can think of that was improved upon:
**The aura around a Force grip victim is now red rather than blue, as it should be since Force grip is a dark side power.
**With empty hands or a deactivated lightsaber, you can shoot two streams o Force lightning from both hands.
**NPCs killed by Force lightning may stick to consoles or tables, hanging off of them in awkward positions.
**Even dead NPCs can still be touched and moves when coming into contact with Force lightning.
**When walking up a wall and flipping backwards, you can walk so much further up before flipping away.
**A short Star Wars theme plays when Force heal is used.
**All of the acrobatics available in Jedi Academy:
--Super jump: Foward + Force speed + jump (Force jump 3 + Force speed 1 required)
--Wall jump: In air, hit wall + direction of wall + jump (Force jump 3 required)
--Recover jump: Jump + any direction (when knocked down [can kick an enemy to the floor if he is standing in front of you])
**All additional general lightsaber moves from Jedi Academy:
--Butterfly attack: Jump + primary attack + Foward (Darth Maul's move)
--Saber kata: Primary attack + foward/left/right
--Plunge attack: Foward + primary attack (with enemy on ground [instant kill])
--Rolling stab: foward roll + primary attack (cuts enemy in half upon connection--instant kill)
--Air cartwheel attack: Jump + primary attack + left/right (Force jump 1 required)
**All additional single lightsaber fast style moves from Jedi Academy:
--Lunge attack: Crouch + foward + primary attack
--Force impale: Force pull an enemy towards you + primary attack (Force pull 3 required--instant kill)
--Fast attack kata: Primary attack + foward + left/right
**All additional single lightsaber medium style moves from Jedi Academy:
--Force slash: Force pull + primary attack (Force pull 3 required)
--Flip attack: Foward + jump + primary attack (Force jump 2 required)
--Medium attack kata: Primary + secondary attack
**All additional lightsaber strong style moves from Jedi Academy:
--Force slash: See discription in medium style.
--Jump attack: Foward + jump + primary attack (Force jump 2 required)
--Strong attack kata: Primary + secondary attack
(I see no need for the duel and double-bladed saber moves to be included as Kyle only gets one saber in this game, unless it goes in conjunction with my first MOD idea of some enemies and allies wielding duel and double-bladed sabers, or if the additional sabers will be available via a cheat. If that's the case, I'll post the moves later.)
**I'm not sure if all of the Force Powers available in Jedi Academy should be available in Jedi Outcast, (such as absorb, protection, drain and dark rage) but if they are you could probably just import them over from multiplayer. And of course you would have to play with how the game awards you new Force powers and power upgrades in between levels, since more powers would be available.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Cultist/Reborn Saber MOD: Just like my suggestion for Jedi Outcast, only this applies to cultists and the new Reborn. Same deal with the Reborn: blade color coincided with uniform color. Cultist, like the Shadowtroopers, would have any color left over, not covered by Reborn (which I believe are only yellow and purple). Since the original Reborn and Shadowtroopers can be put into the game via an NPC spawn cheat, perhaps all the effects from my other MOD idea can be included as well.

Fix Saber Throw MOD: Once achieving Force sightsaber throw level 3, the saber does not appear to be as "smart" in Jedi Academy as it did in Jedi Outcast. In Outcast, the saber would intelligently seek out targets on its own. In Academy however, it seems to only fly where your targeting recticle is pointing. This needs to be fixed.

Force Sense Remake MOD: In the first Jedi Knight, Force Sense would take away all of the shadows and illumine the entire feild. In Jedi Academy however, all it does in add some lines and show you the outlines of NPCs and power-ups. I think it should be a cross between both: keep the lines and the X-ray vision, but also remove all shadows.

First-Person Lightsaber Option MOD: Sure, we all know that third-person lightsaber combat is vastly superior to first-person for many reasons, but there are a few times when looking from first person view is advantageous, particularly when crawling through a ventalation shaft. If you intend to slash the grate, drop down on the guys in the room below and gore them with your lightsaber, it would be much easier to simply be able to switch from first to third person view and vise-versa with the tap of a button rather than crawling through the shaft with a blaster pulled out and then switching to your lightsaber before slashing the grate (which sometimes alerts the enemies to your presence, thus ruining the element of surprise) or gunning the grate, dropping through, and then switching to your saber once inside (which leaves you open to enemy attacks for that second when you are unarmed.)

Both Games

Force Powers Back to The Original MOD: In the original Jedi Knight, Force jump allowed you to jump a bit higher and at a faster speed; and Force speed would last up to thirty seconds at maximum power. I think that the hight and speed of Force jump--and even that of a regular jum--in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy should be similar to those of Jedi Knight. As for Force Speed, I like the new functionality of making the words around you appear to slow down, but it should last for thirty seconds like in Jedi Knight, rather than the ten or so seconds in Outcast and Academy.

Speed MOD: Another attempt at making Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy feel more like the Original Jedi Knight. Make the walking speed about the same as the running speed, and make the running speed be as fast as it was in Jedi Knight. This would apply not only to the player, but to friendly and hostile NPCs as well.

Help Your Team Mates MOD: This MOD would make Force team heal available in single player. This way you can heal those who are on your side: New Republic soldiers, Jedi, Jan, Lando, Luke and Kyle.

Force Protection Remake MOD: It should function more like it does in the original Jedi Knight by making you invincible for a period of time, depending upon the stars assigned to it. The look, however, should remain the same. (The green aura looks better than the "hampster ball" of Jedi Knight.)

Civilain MOD: In Jedi Knight, the game was filled with civilians, especially in places like Nar Shaddaa and other places. I was really surprised not to see any civilians in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, especially in Nar Shaddaa. Perhaps such people should be put in.

Well, those are my "suggestions" (or wish list). I realise that some of the names of the MODs are cheesy, so feel free to think of better ones. And I do not own these ideas, so everyone has my permission in advance to take these ideas and use them.

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Ya know almost all this npc modding stuff could be done with a .pk3 opening program (Pakscape or Winzip i prefer pakscape) and just edit the .npc files for each of the npcs. i belive there in asssets1.pk3/ext_data/npcs or something like that and you can do all sortsa cawazy stuff ie; change health what saber model they use change sounds etc. etc.
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