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Thread: [FIN]Star Wars: Darth Yoda 1: The Power of the Dark Side
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[FIN]Star Wars: Darth Yoda 1: The Power of the Dark Side

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There is no try-Yoda

Yoda sat in the small room of the base on Polis Massa. He felt a tremendous amount of anger going through him. He had also felt it during the battle against Darth Sidious, he knew what it was it was the dark side. He tried to fight against it. “No” he said out loud “there is no try.” He fought as hard as he could but it was no use it won. Suddenly Senator Bail Organa walked in.

“Master Yoda we have another message from the Emperor” he spat the word.

“He knows were here does he” Yoda said shocked.

“Yes, I don’t know how though.”

Yoda and Bail walked to the communication room. There sat the holo Sidious.

“Ah, Master Yoda you wonder why I know you’re here?”


Sidious looked at Organa, “Leave us Organa”

“Yes my Honor”

Sidious looked back at Yoda “I knew you were here by the Great power of your anger I coming to see you.”

The message ended, Yoda for some reason felt so much closer to the dark side. Yoda turned and walked out of the room. Organa stood there waiting for him.

“Master Yoda, Master Kenobi has arrived.”

“Good that is.”

Yoda walked pass Organa to see Obi-Wan. Inside the hangar Obi-Wan faced Yoda.

“Master, even on Mustafar I could feel your anger.”

The great anger filled him again. He used the force to pull Vader’s lightsaber from Kenobi. It flew to his hand, he activated it. Obi-Wan seeing this backed off. He looked into Yoda’s eyes, they were blood red. Fear hit Obi-Wan, Master Yoda was turning to the dark side too. Yoda flipped up swung at Kenobi than flipped again even before he hit the ground. Obi-Wan blocked them with his lightsaber then he turned and ran back up the ramp into Padme’s ship. He had to go to somewhere else to heal Padme and fast. He took off flying away.

Yoda stood shocked at what he had done. He had turned to the dark side and tried to kill Ob-Wan. He left the hangar and walked down the hall. Organa walked toward him “Master Yoda what happened, Obi-Wan just blasted off the asteroid.” Yoda activated his saber and thrust it into Organa’s skull. Soon Darth Sidious would arrive.

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I hear a new apprentice you have Emperor. Or should I call you Darth Sidious-Yoda

Chapter 2 The Taking of the Throne

Sidious flew into the Polis Massa hangar after making sure Vader was alright in his new armor. He looked forward for Yoda to join him on the dark side. He landed and saw Yoda waiting for him. He walked toward him, “Ah Master Yoda how are you.”

“No longer Yoda I am now I am Darth Yoda.”

“I see Darth Yoda, I look forward to our rule of the galaxy.”

“Not much to look forward there is, about to end your rule is.”

Yoda activated Anakin’s lightsaber, Sidious did the same. “You have lied to me Master Yoda.”

“Lied I have not, just know rule you will have my rule it will be.”

Yoda flipped to the side throwing his saber at Sidious. Distracted Sidious turned to stop the twirling saber. Yoda picked up Sidious’s ship and threw it at him. It hit Sidious and sent him flying. Yoda grabbed Sidious’s blood red saber and thrust it into Sidious skull. He then turned and got in the CIS bomber that Obi-Wan had left on his way back from Utapau. He sent out a distress signal to the Star Destroyer that Sidious came in saying Yoda had betrayed him. The Star Destroyer decided to let him in. He landed the Imperial shuttle in the Star Destroyer in the hangar and walked to the ramp. He paused the stormtroopers might shoot him if they saw him. He pushed the access button to lower the ramp. He walked down, the Stormtroopers raised there blasters as they saw him.

“What is this where is the Emperor” the ship’s Admiral demanded.

“No longer Emperor Palpatine is.”


“Died he has, Emperor I am now.”

“This is outrages.”

Darth Yoda had enough, he activated Anakin’s saber and cut down the officer. Another officer ordered the Stormtroopers to put down there blasters. He stepped up, “My lord, my ship since I am now Admiral” he said as he glanced down at the formal Admiral’s dead body. “Agrees to your grasp for power and will fight with you.”

“Good” Yoda replied. “Now take me to the last place you were you must.” With that Yoda turned and walked away to his new throne room.

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Begun the clone wars has
Chapter 3 Yoda’s Two Apprentices

Obi-Wan landed on Dantooine, the planet had most of the med droids now which was just what he needed. It wouldn’t take long to find one that would serve Padme right. After he found one he had tricked the droid into letting him stay in the room. He sat in the chair beside the bed and waited. Soon he fell to sleep… He was back on Mustafar though in the distance he could see Padme’s ship flying off. He turned and saw the Emperor walking down to where Vader lay. Vader was not on fire now but he could see burnt skin, ash, and small sparks still on him. He looked away, He had failed him, he had failed him. It took a while to get use to it. Then he looked back, Sidious was kneeling beside Vader and the clones where gathered around him. Obi-Wan snuck aboard the ship and entered an escape pod to stay in. Later they took off, and Ob-Wan snuck out of the escape pod to find Vader.
Finally Obi-Wan entered a big room and saw the Emperor standing by a metal table binding a metallic black figure down to it. Instantly he knew it was Vader, the table turned up and down and a deep mechanical breath came out of him. After some talking that Obi-Wan couldn’t catch Vader broke his bonds and lightning erupted from his hands Obi-Wan woke up and turned his attention to Padme who was having her twins.

Darth Yoda was on the way to Coruscant to claim the full throne of the Empire. On the way he started to build a new lightsaber. He had built the handle to fit him the same way the other had but at the bottom the had a curved spike strong enough to cut through three lightsaber handles at once and cut off there hand. He opened the hatch and put in Sidious’s red crystal. He turned the saber on, a blood red blade raised out of the handle. He swung the saber in the air and deactivated it. There would soon be a time to use it but not now. Now he had to take the throne from Vader and make him one of his new apprentices.

Yoda landed on Coruscant and entered the Senate, as he entered the main chamber he heard yelling and shouting at a metallic black figure who just stood there annoying them. Vader turned and saw Yoda Vader paused as he activated his new saber. Darth Yoda also activated his newly constructed blood red saber. He jumped across the senate floating pods at Vader, and then in a series of flips he landed his saber right on Vader’s. In another series of flips attacking Vader he made him retreat to another pod. Vader force pushed Yoda to another pod full of three senators. Yoda swung his saber removing the senator’s heads as he jumped back to Vader. He kicked Vader sending him plummeting toward the ground. Vader started screaming with his mechanical voice as he fell. Yoda reached out and stopped him from falling. He brought him up to him.

“Become my apprentice Vader you must and I will offer you more power then Sidious and together hunt down Padme we can.”

“I will join you…Master.”

“Good now go to Kessel you must to find Kyp Durron a force-sensitive child in slavery in the spice mines.”

“Yes Master.” Vader said as he walked away.

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Always in motion the future is
Chapter 4 The Way of the Dark Side

Kyp was born on the Deyer colony of the Anoat System. In an Imperial roundup of dissidents, he and his family were enslaved and sent to the Kessel spice mines. His older brother Zeth was retrieved by Imperials to work as a Stormtrooper in an Imperial Academy.

Obi-Wan helped with the babies and finally got them to go to sleep. After much difficulty the med droids had been able to keep Padme alive. For now. Obi-Wan sinced that she would make it but was not completely sure. She had named them Luke for the boy and Leia for the girl. He was given the job to be there god father and to keep them from Yoda and Vader. He intended to do a good job.

Vader landed on Kessel and started his search for this Kyp Durron in the mines. He walked through the mines till he reached the first checkpoint. He walked up to the director. “Who are you?” The director demanded of him.

“I am Darth Vader sent here under the Emperor himself.”

“The Emperor?”


“Fine, what do you need?”

“I need a slave named Kyp Durron he is coming with me.”

“One second.” The man walked away. 5 minitues later he returned with a small boy and some pleading parents. “If you take the boy you get the parents.” Vader nodded and took the three with him. The three walked silently back to the ship. They entered and took off back to Coruscant.

Darth Yoda was pleased when Vader entered with the boy and his parents.

“Ah Mister and Mrs. Durron this is?”


“Good that is.” Yoda explained his intintions to the two parents for there son.

“And if we refuse.” Asked the Dad Michal.

“Through you back into the spice mines I will.” They agreed and were sent out of the room. Yoda brought the boy Kyp into the half rebuilt Jedi temple that was now a sith temple. He brought the boy into a sleeping quarters for the night. For a while the parents will sleep with him but soon the parents will have to leave.
Than Yoda turned his attention to Vader.

“With my power make your body better I can.”


“Feed force power from someone else we must then force and air to you will and get rid of you suit we can but need a jedi we do.”

“I will find one my master.” With that Vader went off on the new mission. Yoda them turned and walked back to his throne.

Obi-Wan stared as Padme stirred. Finally she was awaking, she looked up at him.

“Obi-Wan” she asked “Is Anakin alright.”

“No, he and Yoda turned to the Dark Side.”


“Yes he killed Sidious and became the Empereor himself its on the HNE right now.”

Padme watched the HNE for a while then looked away. Obi-Wan swiched it off.

“We will turn them back no matter what, Padme.”

She nodded but did not catch his eye. Instead she got up and looked over her children. Soon, she vowed I will make a allience against this new evil Empire and win.

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Anger leads to hate
Chapter 5 The New order of the Sith and the remains of the Jedi

After the clone wars the jedi knight Sip-ganc was in hiding from his old master Yoda. The planet Dantooine wasn’t to far from Coruscant so he was afraid to muve off-planet from fear of Yoda finding him. He had heard a senator ship had landed on Dantooine so he was heading to see it. As soon as he saw it he immediately reconized it as Padme’s ship. He used the force to since where she was. He ran into a med center and ran to the nearest worker he could find.

“Do you know where I can find a Padme?” He asked.

The man told him the room number, he nodded and headed for the room.

Obi-Wan was startled when the door suddenly opened he reached for his lightsaber and pulled it out and activated it. He was even more surprised when the jedi Sip-Ganc walked in. He saw the man’s eyes widen when he saw Obi-Wan.

“But the order 66, ho-” Sip stumbled.

“I escaped.”

“So did I.”

Obi-Wan motioned to be quiet as he opened the door behind him. There was Padme standing there with two babies. Sip opened his mouth to speak when Obi-Wan shut the door again.

“How.” Sip started.

“It’s a long story, my apprentice Anakin Skywalker sometime during the clone wars must have married her. Later they had these.” Obi-Wan said indicating the babies. “Anakin turned to the dark side a few days ago Coruscant time.”

Still partly startled Sip sat down to think. Obi-Wan sat in the chair beside him. He knew Sip was thinking about his own apprentice, Hatan Korr. He had also broke a jedi rule and had a son. He instead of turning like Anakin he through away his jedi path and never even told his own wife he had been a jedi. Obi-Wan had always liked the boy and was saddend when he had left the jedi order. He had also been saddend when the boy Ferus Olin left the order a few months before. But it was life, though he wished his apprentice had left instead of turning to the dark side as well.

Darth Yoda had sent out a whole army of clones to find all the force sensitive children in the galaxy. He had over 50 canidates already he called them forth to resite the true sith code.

“There is no peace, there is anger.
There is no fear, there is power.
There is no death, there is immortality.
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.
I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear,
But rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destoyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life,
In the death of the light.”

Soon every student knew this and they were ready to begin there sith training. Though his own apprintice Kyp now not already knew the code he was also living it. He was a powerful student who would soon pass even Vader’s power. Darth Yoda was at first surprised at the growing rate of the sith canidates at the newly rebuilt Sith temple. He had hoped that some would come quickly but he was still overwhelmed at the amount. Though many would fail the dark side and might turn to the weak light side of the force.

TK-421 commanded the armies movment as Sarge. His mission was to take what was called a force scanner and scan the many planets of the galaxy for force sensitive children. The main place to find canidates war the planet Dathomir or known as the home of the rancors. He was on the flight to this planet on full speed toward the planet. Darth Yoda had ordered him to search every planet, so that’s what he’ll do.

Tarkin had been Palpatine’s personal Grand Moff before the whole galaxy even knew his great rule. Then he had died after a few days of rule. But the Emperor had known how to clone anyone with there same memories and powers. The knoledge of how had been passed on to him. Though he didn’t think he would have had to use it so early. His knew when and how to use it and he would. The power of the cloning power was secret, he had informed his fleets that were not loyal to Darth Yoda that Palpatine was still “Alive”. From a certain point of view. They knew that he had some information that he would not tell them but they were patient, for now. He incerted the data to clone into the cloning machine. Soon they would overthrow Yoda, soon they will have revenge. But now the war for the throne would begin.
The machine beeped, steam emerged from the clone shaft. He ran to the shaft and through the Sidious’s cloak into the shaft. A few minitues later Sidious emerged from the shaft.

“You have don well, Tarkin.”

Thank you my lord.”
He grinned as he thought: The War of the Throne would now begin.

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Chapter 6 The War of the Throne Begins

Darth Yoda summoned Kyp to his throne. As the boy approached Darth Yoda thought how powerful the boy could become. He had to be careful.

“Yes my lord.”

“Fully decided to make you my apprentice, I have.” He paused. “Except do you?”

“Yes Master.” Kyp replied bowing to him.

“Good. Now rise… Darth Zeorg.”

“Thank you my master.”

Zeorg turned and left the room as Yoda dismissed him. Suddenly Darth Yoda’s private holocron turned on and Governor Tarkin’s blue static image appeared.

“Ah master Yoda I’m sure you remember me.


“Good. I would like to meet you to possibly turn my fleet’s loyalty to you.”

“Agree, I do.”

“Good, I am coming.”

Yoda turned off the holocron and prepared for the arrival of Tarkin.
* * * * * * *

Obi-Wan got up in the middle of the night and exited the room past a sleeping ship. He walked out into the night thinking of the past horrible days. He had watched Yoda, Darth Yoda killing Sidious and making Vader his apprentice on the holonet. He walked back to building. He entered and turned on the holonet. He sat stunned at what he saw. Behind the reporter was the Jedi temple fixed and no longer burned or scorched. Then he turned his attention to the reporter.

“Darth Yoda has rebuilt the Jedi temple into the new Sith temple to assist the Empire.

Obi-Wan turned it off. His face fell. Yoda had fallen to deep.

Tarkin flew into the Sith Temple’s hangar. He landed on the closest space near him. He walked down the ramp of the ship. He disabled the security cameras as he walked to Yoda’s throne giving a clear path for the clones. He thought back as he prepared for the attack.

He was a nobleman of the planet Eriadu who became a regional governor for the Galactic Empire and then was promoted to Grand Moff in charge of the outer rim. Then he thought back all his life. Wilhuff Tarkin was born in 64 BBY. He first met Palpatine when the latter was an obscure sector chief on the planet Naboo. The two found that they shared a basic philosophy on government; namely, that might make right. In 33 BBY, Tarkin helped Palpatine engineer the murder of the Trade Federation Directorate, which was on Tarkin's homeworld, Eriadu, for a trade summit. The pirate raids on the Trade Federation that had led to the summit had also been orchestrated by Palpatine, as was Nute Gunray's rise to power as Trade Federation viceroy. From then on, they became close allies, using each other to advance their own careers. When Palpatine took over the galaxy and formed the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, he rewarded Tarkin for his years of service by appointing him a regional governor, a position of considerable power.

* * * * * * *

That war when Yoda killed the Emperor. He had had a hard and easy life now once again he shall go to war.

Yoda was also thinking about his life when he was a weak Jedi fool. Standing merely 66 cm tall, Yoda is one of the members of the Jedi Council and arguably the wisest and most powerful Jedi of his time, even toward his demise, though the toll of his great age is noticeable. Over his lifetime, Yoda trained several notable Jedi, including Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi (partially, before Qui-Gon Jinn took over with Obi-Wan's training and Ki-Adi-Mundi. Before the Great Jedi Purge, he had trained almost every Jedi in the Galaxy since he instructed all younglings in the Jedi Temple before they were assigned to a padawan, to a Knight, to a master. He achieved the status of Jedi Knight at the age of 50 and the rank of Jedi Master at 100. Following his training, Yoda is said to have spent 100 years in self-imposed solitude, attempting to attain a higher level of understanding of the Force. He was one of the Jedi Masters who ran the mobile academy aboard the starship Chu'unthor circa 200 BBY, leaving the ship's data tapes in the care of one of the natives when the vessel crashed on Dathomir. But all that was in the past now he was a Sith and a great one.

Tarkin entered Yoda’s throne after security had been disabled. He stepped forward.

“Okay Master Yoda lets get straight to business.” He started.

“Agree I shall.”

“I shall give you my fleet, but only if you supply them with weapons, food, and water.”

Yoda hesitated. Tarkin’s fleet was the best and biggest. But the bigger it was the more credits it would cost. Finally he agreed.

“Agree, I do.”

“Good, now I heard a rumour that the Emperor is back.”

Shocked Yoda answered him. “Look in to this you must.”

Tarkin nodded and left grinning. Now the war for the throne would begin.

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Once again a good edited Pottsie chap

Chapter 7 The First Move and the Beginning of the War

TK-421 raised his blaster pointing in the air through the crowd. He fired and people turned around and stared. Under his helmet TK grinned. That was easy, he thought.

“To the people of Dathomir after the fall of the Republic in the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine became the new emperor. Seeing the many flaws in Palpatine, Yoda, the dark lord of the Sith and former Jedi, took over the throne, and now Yoda wants students for his great Sith Academy. Please come with me as I search planets to find these students, but only come if the Force is with you.” He finished his speech and fired again, making a murmur of deciding ripple through the crowd. Tons walked forward hoping to join. TK sent them in the ship and one last look at the now bored crowd walked away into the ship after the new candidates. He walked into the cockpit and told the pilot to set course for Naboo.

Sip, Obi-Wan, and Padme, who was carrying the twins, walked toward Padme’s ship and ran up the ramp. Obi-Wan switched on C-3P0 ignoring Padme.

“Ah master Kenobi, were would you like to go as you know I am fluent over-.”

“I know 3P0 take us to Naboo. We’re going to hide there for a while.”

“Oh, yes sir.”

Obi-Wan sighed and sat in the co-pilot seat, while Padme left to her room to care for the twins. Sip shut the door to the cockpit and sat on a table near Obi-Wan.

“So how did Yoda and Anakin turn, the full story this time?” Sip asked.

Obi-Wan hesitated before answering, “Well you already know the Clone Wars and all the battles. I noted they were close but not that close.” He said indicating the children. “Then after he turned, I guess he lost control or saw a vision. He joined Sidious and killed all the Jedi. Even the Younglings.” He said, remembering the security camera’s footage.

“And Yoda?”

“I don’t completely know but maybe he was angry after he lost to Sidious. He killed Bail Organa.”

“Organa, how did he come to this?”

Obi-Wan told him the way Organa had gone to the temple to see what had happened and the Clones killing a padawan. Then he told how he issued a warning that he had reacted joined him before and Yoda. He told how Yoda and him had gone to the temple then went separate ways to battle the two Sith. He told him how he had faced Anakin and how he had gone to meet Yoda again and how he had turned and fought him. Finally he finished as he had flown to Dantooine and found Sip.

“Whoa” Sip said as his response. “You have been in a lot of action.”

Obi-Wan nodded but looked away. He didn’t feel comfortable talking about his former apprentice and the Jedi, he had always looked up to.

“Obi-Wan we all looked up to Yoda for guidance but now…we have to follow a different path. Our best teacher at visions told us a old man on Tatoonie would teach a boy and the Order would be gone. She said the boy would slowly grow up and defeat two Sith and bring the Order and peace to the galaxy. That might of changed, but I bet some remained. I think you were the old man and the boy was Anakin and Padme’s son. If I’m right we might still bring back peace. We have to train Luke and Leia in the ways of the Force.”

“But what if you’re wrong? And I’m not the old man, and the boy isn't Luke?”

“The Jedi doesn’t deal with ifs.”

“The Jedi doesn’t become generals in galactic wars either Sip. And the Order has gone.”

“So we have to bring it back and I’m sure there are Jedi alive.”

Obi-Wan nodded and thought for a while before he drifted to sleep.

Obi Wan soon awoke to find they were approaching Naboo. He got up and sat back in the co-pilot seat. He set the ship to land near Padme’s old home. Soon they landed Obi-Wan told 3P0 to wait in the ship but they brought R2 because of his usefulness as an Astromech Droid. As he entered Padme’s old house he immediately heard a faint ticking sound. He used the force to search the room. He turned fast and motioned Sip to follow him. He ran out the door and used the force to lift Padme, R2, and the twins. He lowered them as far as he could from the house. Sip now aware of what was happening leaped with Obi-Wan away from the building. The house exploded destroying the ship with it. Even with the fire Obi-Wan could see that the house and the ship were beyond repair. A figure suddenly stepped out of the flames. The flames had veered back making a tunnel a boy walked up behind the man. The man stared at them even when they were hidden. Obi-Wan and Sip got up and approached him. They saw his eyes shocked to see they were blood shot. A Lightsaber hung on the man’s belt. The Lightsaber flew to the man’s hand a second later a Lightsaber also flew to the boy’s hand. The Lightsabers were red showing their league in the dark side. Knowing they were sent from Yoda Obi-Wan and Sip activated their Lightsabers. The blue glow from Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber blazed through the sky as he leaped at the man and clashed his Lightsaber against the man’s. Sip’s green Lightsaber rippled past the man as he charged to the boy to fight him. The red and green Lightsabers clashed over and over as they fought.

“Who are who?” Sip asked him.

“I am Darth Zeorg, Darth Yoda’s personal apprentice.”

“And the man?”

“He is Darth Sita, the Sith sent to watch me on my first mission.”

“Ah, so Yoda has already found many candidates.”

Zeorg nodded then swung his Lightsaber back at Sip. Caught by surprise Sip tumbled to the ground. Zeorg pushed him into a large piece of rubble knocking him unconscious.

Obi-Wan swung forward stabbing the Sith in the chest. With a satisfying look, the man fell to the ground dead. He looked up to see the boy, Zeorg that he had heard earlier from the man, charging at him. Their Lightsabers clashed so hard that the great force from Zeorg sent Obi-Wan’s saber flying. Zeorg prepared to kill the former Jedi with a simple stroke with his Lightsaber. Suddenly blaster fire poured toward them as soldiers followed by Sidious’s clone rushed toward them. Using the moment Obi-Wan jumped back grabbed his Lightsaber picked up Sip and ran toward a ship that Padme had found for there escape during the fight.

Zeorg watched them leave as they blasted off away from the troops of clones that had attack both the Jedi and Zeorg. He turned and ran from the troops. He used the Force to pick up Sita and throw him into there ship. He ran in and flew to Coruscant to inform him of the new war that was at hand.

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Chapter 8 Yoda’s Civil War

Vader flew toward the planet Ilum. The planet Ilum is home of the crystals that give Lightsabers their power and colour. During the long Clone Wars, the CIS launched a attack against Ilum with their Chameleon Droids. Arriss Offee and Luminara Unduli were in one of the caves containing Lightsaber crystals at the time, but soon realized there were too many attackers after fighting some. Seeing this in a vision, Former Jedi Master Yoda had saved them and the caves. Now Yoda had sent Vader to see if there were any Jedi there. If so he was to capture him for there “Experiment” and take all the crystals then fix his mistake. He landed on Coruscant and jumped out of his Sith starfighter. Immediately he felt the vast cold. He had felt it even when he was a kid. He entered the cave and tried to get warm. Suddenly he remembered he had a heating control on his suit. He looked at it and turned it to the best one for the cave. He moved through the cave looking for any lone Jedi. Suddenly a laser blast flew through the cave hurling toward him. He jumped to the side trying to avoid the dangerous blast. A alien from a species that Vader didn’t recognise stepped out of the shadows. Vader pulled out his red Lightsaber and prepared to strike. He charged slashing his red Lightsaber at the neck. The alien pulled out a staff that looked as if it was covered in diamonds. The staff moved to block the attacking Lightsaber. Vader laughed to soon as he thought the Lightsaber would go right through the staff. The blade stopped as it hit the staff. Shocked Vader moved forward to make another attack. The staff suddenly spit out some liquid that covered the floor and his feet. He tried to move but the guck stuck to him and the ground. Suddenly the alien flipped the staff like a whip and wrapped it around him. The end of the staff/whip moved and Vader felt a searing pain in his leg. The whip had bit him. The alien moved forward, and reached out grabbing Vader’s neck crushing all his bones in the neck and the suit’s protective metal around it.

Obi-Wan sat shocked in Padme’s Cruiser still thinking about the great power the young boy had held. He beat both Sip and me, the thought played over and over in his head. He didn’t like the thought but he accepted it, he needed it. It could help him the next time he meets the Sith. Sip stirred beside him. Obi-Wan saw that Sip now had his eyes open.

“What happened?” Sip asked.

“You were knocked out called by the boy or Darth Zeorg. I also failed to kill him but I managed to get you out of harms way along with Padme and the children.”

Sip groaned as he got up.

“You make it sound as this Zeorg is invincible, Obi-Wan.”
“Well, he certainly beat us.”

“That’s true.” Sip said with a long sigh.

Obi-Wan got up and left to see the twins.

Zeorg landed on Coruscant and jumped out of his ship.

“Sir, you are not allowed to park here this is a private area.” A nearby officer told him.

“I am Darth Yoda’s personal apprentice and I must see him.” Zeorg told him.

“I don’t really care who you are, just get off my property.”

Zeorg lifted the man off the ground and tossed him to his death off the landing dock. He then raised the hood over his head and moved into the shadows as he approached the Sith temple.
He reached the temple a hour later only to find a Sith standing at the door.

“Stop what is your name?” The Sith guard asked him.

“I am Darth Zeorg, Darth Yoda’s personal apprentice. And you are?”

“Davik Starkiller at your service, I am as you can tell about to shift. Otherwise I would need proof that you’re a Sith, but I see your Lightsaber so you can pass.”

Zeorg stood past the guard and headed toward Lord Yoda’s throne room. He entered the throne only to find Yoda waiting for him.

“Well?” Yoda demanded.

“I destroyed the building as you wanted me to. Then we encountered two Jedi one Obi-Wan Kenobi and the other one I did not recognize. Kenobi killed Lord Sita, I knocked the other Jedi out but failed to kill him. I almost killed Kenobi but a squad of clones and Sidious got in the way.”

“Sidious, there has been rumours alive he was or cloned I should say.”

“Well he was there my master that is all that I can tell you.”

“Very well, dismissed you are.”

Zeorg turned and walked away. Ready for the battles of the new Civil War that was at hand.

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The forces of Darth Yoda and Darth Sidious had planned for the Civil War at hand but the War was the worst ever. Troops fought on hazards planets as they clashed in battles after battles against fellow clones…

“Prepare troops for the jump to light speed,” TK commanded as the flagship Gordan slowly started out toward Kessel. The planet was the next battlefield of the Galactic Civil War.

“Preparing troops.” The voice of the officer beside him responded. “Jumping to Light speed.”

The Gordan shot in to hyperspace heading toward Kessel.

Tarkin entered the command centre of the base on the hazards planet Kessel.

“Sir, a flagship just appeared out of Hyperspace.” The first officer told him.

“Prepare troops for battle, ready all artillery for battle, we must win.” Tarkin told the Officers.

“Yes, sir.”

The thought in both TK and Tarkin played in not only their heads but also the troops on both sides: The Battle of Kessel will now begin.

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