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Thread: [FIN] Echoes of Darkness
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Diego Varen
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[FIN] Echoes of Darkness

Star Wars - Echoes of Darkness

Feel free to comment in this Thread by clicking on the picture below, which was made by igyman, a member from LucasForums (which is here). This was written from the 13th November 2006-12th December. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Fic.

Authour's Note

This Fic, Echoes of Darkness was written by me. I decided to write it after having so much fun, playing my female Exile, Sera Tana. This Fic is set after the sequel of Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords and it stars my Exile, Sera Tana, searching for Revan, who in my KOTOR game is known as Diego Varen (Varen being an anagram of Revan). Little does she know that the Sith have been restored by an evil Emperor.


I don’t own Star Wars or anything to do with it.

Star Wars
Echoes of Darkness

Four months have passed, since the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her companions have gone their separate ways. Sera and her two DROIDS, the ASSASSIN DROID, HK-47 and the UTILITY DROID, T3-M4 are on their way to the planet, LEHON, where rumours have spread about a certain person being on the planet at some point, during the JEDI CIVIL WAR.

On the planet of TRAMOND XXV, a SITH LORD, known as EMPEROR DEVON is planning to find the Exile with the help of his personal SITH LORDS, DARTH SION and his old JEDI MASTER, NAUK GRELAN, who are also obsessed with the Exile and her adventures.

Meanwhile, ten years ago, before the events of the MANDALORIAN WARS, a JEDI MASTER and his PADAWAN fall out, because of going to the war with the fallen JEDI KNIGHTS, REVAN and MALAK

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Diego Varen
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“There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.”

- The Jedi Code

On the Republic planet of Coruscant, inside one of the many training rooms in the Jedi Temple, the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan sat, deep in meditation. Nauk was one of the greatest Jedi Masters in the Jedi Order, who had been trained under Zhar Lestin, another Twi’lek Jedi Master. He had a dark, purple skin colour and blue eyes. His clothing was a Jedi robe, like every single Jedi in the Order. His particular robe was a blue coloured robe, similar to his master’s robe. Around his waist was his belt, which held his two important weapons. Two Lightsabers. A Lightsaber was the most important weapon in the Jedi Order and every Jedi used one, or in Nauk’s case, two.

“Master!” Someone shouted, “Master Grelan!”

Nauk’s eyes opened and behind him, he sensed his apprentice, Quallan. Quallan was a young Human apprentice in the Jedi Order. He was Nauk’s first and only apprentice who he taught. Nauk stood up and turned to bow towards his apprentice. His apprentice bowed back.

“Master Grelan, I have something to tell you.” He told his master.

“Go on,” Nauk asked his apprentice, wondering what he was going to tell him.

“Revan and Malak are leaving to help the ailing Republic against the Mandalorians,” He told Nauk, “And I’m one of the many who have decided to help them.”

Nauk immediately shook his head in dismay.

“No Padawan, you cannot join Padawans, Revan and Malak,” Nauk advised, “Heed the wisdom of the Jedi Council and stay with the Order.”

“Why?” Quallan asked, sounding slightly rude.

Nauk turned away from Quallan and looked out of the window to see Revan and Malak outside of the Jedi Temple, with many students from the Order. By the looks of the way he stood, he looked like he was giving an announcement. Nauk sighed, before returning to speak with Quallan.

“I beg of you, please remain here and wait for the right moment…”

“Right moment?” Quallan asked, his anger rising, “Master, this is the right moment! Millions of innocent people are dying!”

“There is no emotion, there is peace,” Nauk interrupted, reciting the first line of the Jedi Code.

“Master, the Jedi Code is flawed!” Quallan shouted at his master, “I thought Jedi were keepers of the peace!”

“That doesn’t make us soldiers, my young Padawan,” Nauk told him, “The Jedi are aware of the situation, but we can’t aid the Republic, until the time is right,” He paused to think on into the future, “It will not be long, until that time arrives.”

Quallan ignited his blue Lightsaber and struck at his master, but Nauk immediately blocked Quallan’s Lightsaber with his yellow and purple Lightsabers.

“Calm yourself Padawan!” Nauk warned, remembering to keep calm with the Jedi Code, “Come to your senses.”

Quallan switched off his Lightsaber and returned it to his belt. Nauk also returned his Lightsabers to his belt. The master and apprentice stood and stared at each other, shocked at each other’s behaviour. After two minutes of silence, Quallan ended the silence.

“I will not change my mind master. I’m going to help those who need it most and you are not going to stop me!”

Quallan stormed off, leaving Nauk alone once again. Nauk closed his eyes and muttered another line from the Jedi Code to himself.

“There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.”

Nauk then returned his view to see Revan and Malak, along with their army ready to leave Coruscant and fight the Mandalorians. Nauk felt ashamed for his apprentice, as he left the meditation room.
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Diego Varen
@Diego Varen
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 

Chapter I - Gate to the Temple of Ancients

"This planet's like a technological graveyard."
- Canderous Ordo, Mandalore

Ouch! Sera Tana, the Jedi Exile thought, as she rubbed the spot where her head had hit the above bunk. She let a small groan escape her lips, before getting up out of her bunk. She reached for her grey robes and slipped them over her lighter grey tunic. After a quick stretch, Sera left the port dormitory to go to the cockpit. She needed to check how much further it was to Lehon.

When she reached the cockpit, the communications system in the room behind her rung. Sera immediately got up and answered the call. When Sera answered the message, a hologram of a small man appeared. It was from Canderous Ordo, the Mandalore of the Mandalorian clan, Ordo. He was dressed in his normal silver armour, but he had removed his helmet, showing a face with grey hair and a long black beard.

“Sera, it’s Canderous,” The message began, “Kelborn and I have been beginning to colonise our new base, since our first base on Dxun. We’ve gathered outside the Temple of Ancients. Unfortunately there isn’t enough room for the Ebon Hawk to land, so you’ll have to land on the nearby beach,” The hologram started becoming static before the hologram continued, “But beware. There are several bounty hunters, still after your blood.”

The hologram turned itself off and Sera sighed, pushing her short blonde hair backwards. If there were still bounty hunters after her, then the Exchange must still be around. Sera sighed out loud. Sera was about to leave the communications room, when the communications system rang again. Sera sighed and answered the second call. Once again, the hologram of Canderous appeared.

“Sorry to disturb you once again Sera,” Canderous began, “HK is becoming impatient with the lack of native Rancors to kill. Please take him with you, he has been annoying me, since we landed on Lehon.”

Once again, the hologram turned itself off. The white-coloured Utility Droid, T3-M4 beeped, which startled Sera.

“T3, you made me jump,” Sera told him, “We’re on our way to Lehon, to meet up with Canderous.”

T3 beeped several more times before leaving the communications room.


Several Mandalorian warriors were helping to build the base. Canderous thought it was a good choice to build the base near the Temple of Ancients. If anyone attacked the base, then the Mandalorians could always retreat into the temple. He had a feeling that this base was going to be a lot better than the old one on Dxun. Of course, Dxun would still be used from time to time, but the more planets clan Ordo had, the better Canderous felt.

“Query: Are there any Meatbags to kill, Mandalorian meatbag?” HK-47, the red-coloured Assassin Droid asked.

Canderous sighed for the one-hundredth time in one day.

“Listen Droid, I keep telling you, no!” Canderous shouted, causing several of the clan to look at him, “Your master is about to arrive, so why don’t you go and greet her?”

“Statement: I will gladly do that, Mandalorian meatbag,” HK told Canderous, storming off into the unknown.

“And don’t call me a meatbag Droid!” Canderous shouted after him.


The Ebon Hawk prepared to land on the beach, which according to Canderous, was nearby his new base. Sera noticed that there were several people waiting for her below and she knew that they weren’t Mandalorians. As the ship landed, Sera clutched onto her Lightsaber and walked out of the ship, along with T3. Several blaster rifles were aimed at her. Well this isn’t the greatest greeting I’ve had in my life, Sera thought as she clutched onto her Lightsaber even more. The leader of the group walked towards Sera.

“So this is the last of the Jedi?” The leader asked, “I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed.”

Sera sighed.

“You know that you’re the second person to tell me that,” Sera told the leader, “Why don’t you return to Nar Shaddaa and try and make some money?”

“Oh we would,” The leader told Sera, “But if we bring you to the Nar Shaddaa dead or alive, then you’re going to make us rich and we will never need to work again.”

Sera immediately grabbed her Lightsaber out of her belt and ignited it, causing a blue blade to appear. The gentle hum of her Lightsaber accompanied the blade.

“If you don’t wish any of your limbs to be separated, I suggest you leave now,” Sera warned the group.

The group took her advice and ran off. The leader didn’t budge.

“Lightsabers don’t intimidate me at all, Jedi,” The leader told Sera, “So surrender and I can spare your…”

Sera could hear the sound of a blaster rifle nearby and the shots killed the leader. Sera squinted and in the distance, she saw HK.

“HK, you know a Jedi like myself can handle bounty hunters like that,” Sera told HK.

“Statement: Master, the meatbags clearly caused you a lot of difficulty,” HK told Sera, “Besides the Mandalorian meatbag sent me to greet you.”

Sera bowed towards HK.

“And that is how I’ll greet you from now on,” Sera told HK, “Now, let’s get to Canderous.”

“Statement: One problem there, master,” HK warned Sera, “I noticed several other meatbags after you. It is best that both me and the short bag of bolts come with you.”

“I’d appreciate that HK,” Sera told him, “Now let’s get going.”
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Diego Varen
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Chapter II - The Rakatan Elders

"Long ago the Rakata ruled all the known Galaxy; all species bowed down to us."
- Keeper Orsaa

Sera, T3 and HK ran through the lush beach land of Lehon. Nobody had attacked them and Sera had began to doubt what HK had told her.

“HK, are you sure there are bounty hunters around here?” Sera asked.

“Answer: Of course I’m sure, you stupid meatbag… I mean master!” HK answered, a bit ruder than his programming had expected.

Suddenly, both HK and T3 stopped right in their spots. They had been disabled, but not destroyed. Sera wondered who had disabled them. She thought that they were alone, but by the looks of it, it was obvious she weren’t. Perhaps HK was right. There might be some bounty hunters around.

“Is anyone there?” Sera asked.

Sera suddenly felt a twinge in her body, causing her incapable of moving. All she could do was listen to the environment around her. It made her feel uneasy. Despite being unable to move, Sera felt herself fall asleep.


When Sera awoke, she noticed several Rakatans were in front of her. One had medical equipment.

“Where am I?” Sera asked, feeling a sharp pain in her forehead.

We are the Elders,” One of the Rakatan told Sera, “I’m Keeper Orsaa, one of the main leaders of the Elder tribe. We encountered you and your two Droids on the planet and we believed you to be a threat.”

“Why?” Sera asked, “I’m no threat, I came here to meet up with a Mandalorian clan.”

Mandalorian clan?” Keeper Orsaa pondered, “We had no knowledge of a clan on Lehon, but I doubt they would prove a threat to us. They don’t, but anyway, it’s best we tell you why we’re here,” He cleared his throat before beginning, “The ship you arrived on, the Ebon Hawk has been on this planet before. This planet once belonged to no one, other than us, but when Revan destroyed our Star Forge…”

“Revan?” Sera asked, “Revan was here?”

Don’t interrupt young one, but yes, Revan was here,” Keeper Orsaa told her, “Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember, when the Star Forge was destroyed, the Republic took this planet as their own and didn’t care about us and now the Mandalorians have arrived, Lehon isn’t as secret as before.”

“Clan Ordo will protect you,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “I can assure you.”

Don’t interrupt, I keep telling you,” Keeper Orsaa warned Sera, “Today, some of our tribe noticed you running through the beach and we believed you to be intruders. So we disabled your Droids and paralysed you and took you to our home, making sure you aren’t a threat.”

After that, both Sera and Keeper Orsaa remained quiet. In the distance, Sera noticed both HK and T3 being repaired.

“I hope my Droids will work again, after this confrontation,” Sera warned Keeper Orsaa.

Oh they will,” Keeper Orsaa told Sera, “Now why are you here?”

Sera sighed.

“I already told you, I’m on my way to visit clan Ordo,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “Although I also wanted to enter the Temple of Ancients.”

Nobody has been in that temple, since Revan was here,” Keeper Orsaa told Sera, “We assumed all of the Dark Jedi who had supported Revan and Malak, during the Mandalorian Wars had been wiped out. But if you want to see the temple still, I can escort you and your Droids to the temple.”

“I’d appreciate that,” Sera told him, “How are my Droids?”

Good as new,” Keeper Orsaa told her, “Let’s go.”

Sera stood up and followed Keeper Orsaa. Behind her, HK and T3 followed them. Sera didn’t want to cause any panic for the Rakatans, but she could sense a dark force in the Temple of Ancients.
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Diego Varen
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Chapter III - The Temple of Ancients

"What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them."
- Bastila Shan

Why are you stopping?” Keeper Orsaa asked, looking behind him, noticing that Sera had stopped, panting for breath.

“Statement: Yes master, why, we’re near the Temple of Ancients,” HK continued.

Sera rubbed her head, feeling a headache.

“Nothing,” Sera told them both, “A precognition in the Force. Nothing more.”

Nobody said anything else and soon Sera, HK, T3 and Keeper Orsaa arrived at the Temple of Ancients and clan Ordo’s new base. Despite it being an old temple, Sera admired its appearance. It’s walls were pearly white, with a shade of grey. But inside, Sera knew there was a dark force in there. Canderous approached Sera and bowed to her. Sera bowed back.

“I’m sorry I’m late Canderous,” Sera told him, “I got a little… sidetracked.”

“No need to worry,” Canderous assured her, “Our new base has nearly been completed,” He continued, admiring his base as he spoke, “Who is this?”

My name is Keeper Orsaa, Mandalorian,” Keeper Orsaa told Canderous, “I’m here to help Sera enter the Temple of Ancients.”

Canderous sighed under his breath, muttering, “Great, first Revan and after he has left, now her.”

Sera didn’t hear what Canderous had said and Keeper Orsaa sat on the grassy floor, opposite the entrance of the Temple of Ancients. Sera noticed that there was a force field in front of the temple entrance. By the looks of it, Sera was glad that Keeper Orsaa was here. Only the Rakatans knew how to open the temple. Keeper Orsaa began speaking several words and while Sera was waiting, HK spoke his opinion.

“Observation: It looks like someone doesn’t want any meatbags or the master to enter this temple,” HK told T3.

T3 beeped his opinion.

“Statement: Your quite right my short friend,” HK told T3, “I don’t know why a meatbag such as the master wants to enter this temple.”

Keeper Orsaa stood up.

The temple has been opened,” He told Sera, “You may go in. In the past, only one person can enter the temple, but when Revan came here, two people escorted him. Perhaps we can also make this an exception and let you take your two Droids.”

“No, I’ll be fine thanks,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “Thanks for your help.”
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Diego Varen
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Chapter IV - The Lord of Pain

"Yes… of pain he has learned much. Of knowledge, of teaching, he knows nothing."
- Kreia

A Sith Lord, who had survived the events of Malachor V, meditated alone on top of the Temple of Ancients. His good eye was closed, blocking his view from the temple, but his white eye remained open, due to his incapability of the eye. He could feel his power flowing through his disfigured appearance, the signals of his pain, which increased his ever-growing power and his hatred towards the Jedi and his second master, also increased his power. Through every crack, wound and scar, his blood boiled, causing him to think about the one woman he had been trying to stop, since her arrival on Peragus. The Jedi Exile. Yet despite his hatred for her, he never knew her true name. His thoughts drifted away from his unstoppable power, onto the thoughts of his past.


He remembered the endless days of when his disappointed master kept her watchful eyes on him. Despite every chance he had tried to please his master, she always told him that nobody could please her more than Revan. Revan. He loathed that name. Because of Revan, he knew that his master wouldn’t think about him. If he ever met Revan, he knew that he would kill him and all that were either loyal to him or those who loved him. His master would be extremely upset, when he brought Revan’s body to her. He loathed both his master and Revan.


Once more, his thoughts drifted to the day when both him and another Sith Lord attacked their master. She sat, meditating in the Trayus Core, inside the Trayus Academy, unaware that both of her only apprentices were there to cast her out of the Sith Order. Both of them walked up to her and their master had sensed their presence. She immediately stood up, confused at why they both standing in front of her. None of them said nothing and the other Sith Lord used the Force to push their master into a nearby pillar. She crumpled to the floor, unable to use the Force to pull her Lightsaber towards her. The Sith Lord walked up to her and grabbed her face. He pulled her up towards his face and pushed her into the wall. He then punched her in the stomach several times and let her fall flat on her face. She was cast down, stripped of her power. Exiled. She suffered indignities. And was cast into the darkness.


He stood up, sensing a disturbance in the Force. She was here. The Jedi Exile was here. He smiled, as he put his robe on, to hide his appearance and announced.

“She is here.”
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