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Thread: [FIN][Shortie FIC]The Destruction of Telos
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[FIN][Shortie FIC]The Destruction of Telos

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The Destruction of Telos

The Sith have returned to power, Saul Karath is about to become a Sith in full, but he has one test....

"Fire upon this planet Karath.... this is your initiation into the Sith!" Malak said, standing next to his master Darth Revan.

"But... but... there are billions of people on Telos..." Saul started to say.

"Are you going to question the Sith, and especially the Dark Lord or his apprentice?" Revan said.

"As you wish my lord...." Saul said. "Fire upon Telos! NOW!"

"I will do as you command!" The captain said.

The blaster fire completely destroyed the houses on the insignificant planet. To make sure the planet would not survive... Saul took a shuttle down to it's surface. There Saul found Carth Onasi's son.... Dustil Onasi. He took the young man prisoner, and sent him to his ship. Saul soon returned to his own ship hovering above Telos, he waked to the chamber where Dustil was.

"Why are you doing this Saul? You were a Mandalorian War hero, along with my father." Dustil said.

"I will do the questioning, not you. Now tell me.... where is your pathetic excuse for a father?" Saul asked.

"I will NOT give you the satisfaction of knowing..." Dustil replied, but Saul just stared at him. He had captured another Telosian. Dustil was with the woman when he captured them.

Saul gave the interrogator the permission to torture her.

"NO! Don't hurt her, I beg you Saul!" Dustil said.

"Then tell me, where is your father?" Saul asked again.

"He's, oh... he's on his way to Telos." Dustil replied.

Revan walked in the room, smiling at the Sith torture. "Where is he?" Revan asked...

"He is on his way to Telos, milord." Saul replied.

"I will take this young man, and woman to Korriban, where they will be trained as Sith." Revan said.

"NO! We are loyal only to the REPUBLIC!" Dustil said.

"Dustil please, let's go, I sense no harm will come to us!" The young female said.

"Alright, I love you... and I would do anything for you." Dustil said.

Revan took the two to Korriban, where he put them in the care of Master Uthura and Master Uthar.

Carth rushed to Telos, where he found his wife. Oh, NO! Look what Revan and Malak did... He thought.

"Are you ok, Malena?" Carth asked his beloved wife.

"I will be fine Carth..." Malena said.

Carth embraced her, and kissed her. "Oh, I will get revenge for this... Revan and the Sith will pay."

Carth was too busy rambling to see that his wife's life was failing... she was dying. Then the moment before she died, he realized what was happening and yelled for medication. It was too late, even Jedi powers couldn't save her. He kissed her, just before she died, and when his lips left her lifeless body, he swore revenge.

Revan, Malak, and the Sith WILL pay for this! Carth thought, anger consuming him.

He left her body, and went and searched for his son Dustil. He couldn't find him anywhere, he assumed the worst, that his body had been blown to bits by Saul's bombardment.

NO! I lost my wife, and my son to the Sith..... Saul Karath WILL pay for this. He released his frustration and completely destroyed the world, all life was sucked into his body, and he became stronger. What, what, what was that? He asked himself, unsure of the Power that had been released. He took his shuttle to his flagship, and left Telos.... until the end of the Jedi Civil War.


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