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Thread: Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi Torn (Take 2)
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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi Torn (Take 2)

Mandalorian Wars:
The Jedi Torn
Defence at Alderaan

The Mandalorians began a crusade of conquest against the
galaxy beginning with the worlds on the galaxy’s outer rim.

For 32 years the armies of the warrior race invaded many
planets and moons destroying any one who dared to stand
against them before their sights finally turned to the

The Army of the unified worlds pleaded with the Jedi
council for help but they refused to fight, however to young
Jedi known as Malak and Revan chose to go against their
masters wishes and went to the republics aid taking all
those who would follow with them…
__________________________________________________ __
Two Mandalorians paced up and down the long balcony of an Alderaan political Building, It had been taken control of when the Mandalorians first landed on to the planet. The Mandalorians had managed to invest three of the planets cities with their first wave of the invasion.

They had caught the defending republic fleet completely by surprise managing to get the majority of its drop ships down to the planet. The Commander of the Mandalorians invasion force took full control of three of the Cities not to far from it’s capital.

While the Battle Raged in orbit trying to prevent more Mandalorians breaking it’s lines the Republic army on the planet had begun it’s attempts to take back the planet.

The Mandalorian guards continued pacing the building that had been made the base of operations for all the Mandalorians within the city. They carried their heavy repeater blasters while looking out over the city for anyone to shoot at, Republic soldiers and civilians alike.

Suddenly a ball flame exploded out of the highest level of the building shaking it to it’s very foundations, The Guards wobbled on their feet grabbing what they could to keep upright. Out of the Fire a man fell from the highest level and tumbled downwards towards the balcony.

His clothing, that of a Jedi, seemed to be inflame as he struggled to pull off the outer robes, he managed to get it off throwing it away from him and letting it fall away from the building. The Jedi landed on his feet crouching onto one hand.

He looked up at the two Mandalorian guards who had managed to right themselves and point their large Guns at him.

“This was not part of the escape plan.” The Jedi, reminded himself before using his three hand to grab his Lightsaber and ignite it.

Swinging it upwards he cut the first Mandalorians weapon in half while in the same motion he swung his saber in a horizontal motion cutting the other Mandalorian down. He then jumped upward and flipped backwards using his legs to kick the first Mandalorian hard in the face, the Mandalorian fell backwards and unconscious.

“This is General Jesp.” The Jedi announced into his comlink. “Command center neutralised, begin the assault on the city.”
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Jason Skywalker
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A corpse that of a Mandalorian soldier came crashing on to the ground a few meters from Castov, cauterized Lightsaber wounds over him and then a blue blob came falling ontop of the Mandalorian soldier, puncturing his ribcage with it's shine gradually fading out as he fell. Now he was more recognizeable as Xander Skyrider, his clothes full of ashes.

"Well, that was fun ride. Someone should be more careful next time, should there be any," Remarked Xander as he dusted himself off.
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El Guapo
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Federico was sprinted towards the Alderaan City Hall. He spotted three Mandalorians. They turned towards him and raised their blasters. He leveled his lightsaber, ready to ignite the cylinder and stared at them.

“Surrender,” Federico shouted.

“Forget it kid,” The mandalorian said as he pointed to kill Federico.

Federico then ignited his lightsaber and tucked it, deflecting the first shot of the mandalorians, the other two started shooting and Federico deflected the shots, killing one of the mandalorians in his defense. Federico force pushed the other mandalorian into a building. He hit it with a sickening thud and went unconscious. The third Mandalorian continued shooting at Federico. Heflipped over the blaster bolts and cut the mandalorian in half as he landed.

“I told you to surrender,” Federico said as he started running towards the building.

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
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Tegan Marr drifted listlessly at the center of a group of frightened civilians as they scattered before the oncoming Mandalorians. Her rich brown eyes darted from side to side, taking in the numbers of the enemy and calculating an escape path. She had been caught in this crowd purely by coincidence and had used it to her advantage. But that advantage was wearing thin. Soon, the crowd would resist and then, they would be scattered.

All too soon, it happened. The Mandalorians fired a few shots into the crowd. Tegan, leapt high overhead, shrugging off the loose rags that allowed her to blend in with the crowd and revealing the dark brown colored leather light battle armor she'd taken to wearing during her exile. Draped around her shoulders, a matching cloak flowed, giving any of the crowd of people who saw her an instant thrill of hope. There was a Jedi among them.

Before Tegan's leap was fully completed, her lightsaber was out, gleaming emerald blade deflecting incoming blaster bolts. Then, her feet found the dusty ground as she landed in a crouch. Rising quickly, Tegan caught three Mandalorians in a swirling sweep of her lightsaber. Then, she was gone again, lunging for the rooftop of a nearby building. Dozens of shots flew up to chase her, but many were deflected before they could do any damage.

The rooftop was reached with little difficulty and Tegan paused there to gather her thoughts. She could already hear the Mandalorians working to scale the building and take her down, but she took a moment to retrieve her communicator.

"General Jesp, this is Tegan Marr," she said. "The attack on the city has begun. Mandalorians are driving civilians further inward, toward your position, I believe. I'm giving them an alternate target by being a little obnoxious, so the Republic soldiers should be able to catch up and start doing their fair share of damage."

At that moment, two Mandalorians reached the roof. Tegan whirled to face them, lightsaber in one hand, communicator in the other, and continued to speak. "I expect the Mandalorians heading your way intend to retake the command center in order to better conduct their defense of their holdings. Due to the soldiers coming in behind them, I don't think they'll get to you, but keep an eye out anyway."

She slid the communicator smoothly into a pocket and deflected the Mandalorian attacks. "Come at me, boys," she challenged. They stayed at a decent distance and fired. With a gentle Force push, Tegan knocked them off the side of the building and they fell to their deaths. Moving forward to the edge of the building, Tegan looked down. She allowed a grin to spread across her face as she saw the first of the Republic soldiers arrive and she leapt from the building, using the Force to slow her descent until she was right at the center of the civilians once more.

"Get behind me," she ordered, pushing through them toward the Mandalorians. They didn't know which way to defend against. On one side, there was a Jedi, and on the other, Republic soldiers closed in. Soon, the Mandalorian team that had been on their way with civilians in tow to retake the command center was eliminated.

"General Marr," one of the soldiers said, bowing ever so slightly. "We await your orders."

"The command center is ours," Tegan answered. "Follow me. We are going to take these civilians there and then you will set up a perimeter to defend it against the Mandalorians. Let's move."

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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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The Jedi General walked through the newly captured command center, past all the various troops and officers as he made his way in to the war room. He walked to the middle of the room where a large table had a holographic display of the city projected on to it. The projection also showed the positions off all Republic, Mandalorian and civilian positions within the city.

Castov Walked to the side of the Republic commander who was in charge of the Ground forces and advisor to the Jedi on the planet. The Jedi looked over the board and examined all the positions, the Jedi Marr had met up with some republic troops and were trying to get a large group of civilians to the relative safety of the command center. Another Jedi, Frederico, was leading the charge to take the Town hall half a click away from the command center and the rest of the forces were currently engaged in battle on the edges.

Looking at the projected images he began to look at the known enemy positions, he noticed a small Mandalorian patrol was moving to a position between the Command center and the Jedi Marr.

“What’s the strength of that patrol?” Jesp asked pointing at the red dots.

“Twenty Mandie troops and a couple of armored speeders.” One of the officers around the table informed.

“Damn it those civilians will be slaughtered.” Castov said as he began to run out of the room. “I’ll be taking a one of the skiffs, inform any Jedi in the center to meet me at the garage.”
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