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Thread: Artillery Help
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Rebel Star
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Question Artillery Help

I'm just now getting into Crisis on Sarapin, Pt. 2 and am wanting to use the artillery. However, I'm not quite sure how to do it.

I know that I need a spotter, and I've actually set it up where I send in a Probot as spotter for the artillery. Then I got distracted as my base was attacked AND my attack force encountered resistence at the Rebel's airstrip. So, I was never able to actually find out if my artillery destroyed anything.

I guess what I need to know is:

How far away can the artillery be and still be effective? Can I leave the artillery at my primary base and send a spotter all the way to the airstrip and have it bombed? Or do I have to move the artillery closer. It would seem to be easier to leave it at my base and protect it heavily there rather than moving it closer to the front lines.

Any help in this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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General Zhukov
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Your artillery has a medium range, so you must get it semi-close. It can still fire far enough away to where the enemy has no chance of hitting you unless they have a missle launcher. Try using your probots scan ability so it won't be in harms way.
There are tactics to use artillery all over place, you just hav to find the right one for you. Hopes this helps out a little.

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make sure that you deploy the artillery, hit either F8 or the button on the console with the gard commands and stuff

- units must be visible to bombard, even if only momentarily like when ties circle around
-check out there are artillery strategies there including the better one from your truely using ties, form a skirmish line in front of artiller with AT's of varyine type and have an AA near your arty to defend from air attack
-deploy the guns and you'll see reb flare type shots being fired, the circle is the blast radius for damage.
- put turrets and 1 or 2 artiller at your bas and it will be a real stronghold inpenitrable to your enemies.
- i did the whole sarpin levels without artiller before i figured out how to use them, i would have suffered alot less causualties if i used them well, i figured out how to used them on yavin.


try this out it works


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I like using the troopers as spotters, simply because they can take a few hits before they die. The probe droid is very weak. And if you're in a hill area, or something to that effect, the troops are protected while giving your artillary a great view of the enemy. I love these things, I usually have 4 or 5 in any given battle. And the blast radius looks cool - especially when multiple shots are fired.
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i found that if you have a probdroid up front and hit the t key his sensors have a bigger rang and out of the range of most weapons have him use the extended view till your artilery shoot then take off extended view and once it lands click t again and you wont drain all your 64 points of secondary abilities

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There is an easy way to deploy your artillery for maximum firing range.

If your target is spotted, and your arty is out of range, you can simply select your undeployed artillery, then right click the intended target. Your selected artillery piece (mobile or heavy) will automatically advance until the target is just in range, autotmatically deploy, and open fire.

Note that the wayfinding isn't always perfect, and sometimes the arty can get stuck on steep slopes. This is true for most ground units. Just hit F5 to stop the selected unit, move the unit off the slope, and then reacquire the target by right clicking it.

Be sure to provide air cover (AT-AAs or TIE Fighters) and ground cover (AT-PTs and AT-STs, TIE Bombers) for your arty! No point in deploying an expensive heavy artillery (750 cps... hey that's worth 15 stormies or 3 T/Bs) and allowing it to be destroyed by the enemy.

Use the F8 key to deploy or undeploy your arty. Keep them mobile and hard to hit.

Notice how fast the mobile artillery moves? If you're in a game that requires great mobility and a lot of hit-and-fade tactics, it might be better to use several high speed mobile artileries, rather than fewer sluggish heavy artillery.

You can buy 3 mobile arties for the equivalent cost of a single heavy arty... although the armor for a single mobile arty (150) is only half of the armor for a heavy (300). However, you get more armor in total in three mobile arties (450 armor points in total) than in one heavy arty (300 armor).

A single heavy arty unit does twice the damage against vehicles and buildings than a single mobile arty unit. Now, three mobile arties cost the same as a single heavy. In combination, three mobile arties, if concentrating their fire, theoretically could do 1.5 times the damage as a single heavy arty. Plus, the mobile arty rate of fire is slightly higher than the heavy arty. So three mobile arties might be a better deal than a single heavy.

Anyone should feel free to correct me on this. Thanks.


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