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Thread: RPG forum rules. And Characjter info.
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Wraith 8
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Exclamation RPG forum rules. And Characjter info.

Hello all RPG-ers.

There has been a few changes around this place.
As you all have been a witness of, is the enormous amount of chaos in this forum. I used to sticky any active RPG thread so it wouldn't go down. and we also had a charachter thread that was made for the very first RPG thread ever made here .

So im introducing a new set of RPG forum rules.
1. There will only be one thread sticky here.
2. if a thread has not been active for a while you will be allowed to bump it when it threatens to go down. But remember, if the thread is dead after a month and the starter still bumps it. it will get closed. So only bump the thread when its needed.
3. Keep your threads inside the rules of the creator.

Now. This thread will also be used as a Charachter thread. Now to be clear, i will make a charachter sheet for the RPG i made.
Please make one like it so it won't get a mess. Now if i have forgot anything in my own list or you have something you wanted to ad. do so in a discrete way.

what is up?
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Wraith 8
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Arrow Charachter sheet for the 'Smugglers moon'.

Charachter Sheet for the 'Smugglers moon' RPG.

Name: Corzip Dinn
Age: 22 standart years
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Smuggler
Background: Grew up in the save comforst of Naboo and became a starfighter pilot for the Nubian starfoghter core.
Description: A young male. brown reddish hair. Tall and mussled. wearing an Nubian fighter core jumpsuit.
Weapons: 2 holdout blasters. 1 vibroblade.
Droids: an R4-T5 droid
Vehicles: A nubian N-1 G type.
Place of birth: Theed, Naboo

what is up?
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Thew Rydur
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Charachter Sheet for the 'Smugglers moon' RPG.

Name: Thew Rydur
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Background: Thew grew up on Naboo to a family of craftsman, but did not inherit his families skill. Instead he followed after his cousin and joined the Royal Guard. Soon after joining his parents were taken by the Empire and the ship they were on was destroyed by Rebels. With hardly any family left Thew went to Corellia to become a bounty hunter.
Description: Short brown hair, Medium height and build, greens eyes, wears a long brown coat over plastoid chest armor and gray pants.
Weapons: 2 DT-12 Heavy Blasters (in shoulder holsters), S-5 Security Blaster (in thigh holster), Hold-out blaster, Projectile rifle, vibroblade.
Droids: Old Destroyer Droid from the Battle of Naboo, programmed to protect Thew's ship.
Vehicles: XS-800 light freighter, speeder bike
Place of birth: New Centif, Naboo

Sig by Jatari Bazrak

You can fight dying or die fighting.

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RPG : The Smuggler's Moon, The Sanguine Star, all others
Name : Varan Ashaard
Age : 34
Gender : Male
Species : Zabrak
Profession : Bounty Hunter/Bouncer
Background : Parents died while he was young, was adopted by humans on Tattooine. Has a brother named Niris. Raised a fighter, got tangled up in the criminal elements on Tattooine. Lived as a bouncer, turned to bounty hunting because it paid more money. Doesn't favor Rebels or Imperials as a rule, but rather whichever benefits him better at the time.
Appearance : Slim build, red eyes, medium to tall heighth. Wears black boots, pants and vest over long-sleeved grey shirt and a large dark brown cloak.
Weapons 2 heavy blasters on hips, 2 vibro blades on back of belt, 2 light blasters on outside of thighs, small vibro blade on inside of left forearm, 2 light blasters on shoulder holsters, vibro sword on back sheath, heavy blaster rifle over shoulder.
Droids : No set droids, employs what suits his needs then sells them.
Vehicles : Speeder bike, haven't decided on ship.
Place of birth : Unknown, raised on Tattooine

A fearless leader! Fearless, that is, assuming there is no immanent threat, in which case i'll be over there......
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JoKen Jash's character sheet for Sumuggler's Moon RPG

Name: JoKen Jash
Age: 38 standard years
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Smuggler
Background: Born during the last years of the Old Republic. His family were Jedi, but he was not force-sensitive. During the fight for Coruscant, he rescued his Jedi brother, but the rest of his family was killed. He hates the Empire but doesn't want to get involved in the Galactic Civil War, so he occasionally smuggles for the Rebellion. He met Corzip dad a while back, and now ships items to him.
Description: An older male. Black hair. 6'4". Wears a black vest over a red tunic, and somethinmes a black coat. Also sometimes wears Mandalorian Armor.
Weapons: 2 mdified handheld blasters, one modified beam cutter.
Droids: 4 LEE multi task droids, 4 JPO protocal droids, 8 astrometric droids, 4 old Destroyer Droids.
Vehicles: Modified Naboo Custom Cruiser with gold plating replacing chrome, Modified YT-2000 Family Transport, YT-1300 Corellian Transport, YT-2400 Corellian Transport, modified swoop bike.
Place of birth: Mos Eisley, Tatooine.

JoKen Jash,
Member of the elite Pheonix Squadron.
  • Artisan (4,4,3,3)
  • Marksman (3,4,1,4)
  • Novice Architect
  • Brawler (3,0,0,0)
  • Alliance Pilot (3,3,3,3)

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Thew Rydur
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I posted my last one in a hurry and forgot some things sohere's the updated version:

RPG : All that have Thew in them
Name : Thew Rydur
Age : 31
Gender : Male
Species : Human
Proffesion : Bounty Hunter, Mercanary, sometimes a smuggler (though not very good at it)
Background : Thew grew up on Naboo to a family of craftsman, but did not inherit his families skill. Instead he followed after his cousin and joined the Royal Guard. Always adventurous Thew enjoyed hunting and once even made it through Naboo's core, which gained him the nickname "Core Runner". He also met Corzip Dinn in the guard. Soon after joining his parents were taken by the Empire and the ship they were on was destroyed by Rebels. For this he hates both the Empire and the Rebellion, but occansionally takes jobs from either. With hardly any family left Thew went to Corellia to become a bounty hunter and met the bounty hunter Ashard Varan as well as the smuggler JoKen Jash.
Description : Short brown hair, Medium height and build, green eyes, wears a long brown coat over plastoid chest armor and gray pants, some leg armor.
Weapons/ Equipment : 2 DT-12 Heavy Blasters (in shoulder holsters), An S-5 Security Blaster modified for power with an added trigger guard, which he recieved during his time in the Royal Guard(in thigh holster) , 2 Hold-out blasters (one in boot the other inside his chest armor), Projectile rifle, vibroblade, wooden knife (passes through most dectectors), dart/rocket launcher on left wrist, control board on right wrist, sometimes a silenced slugthrower pistol, automatic blaster carbine, or vibro-pole axe depending on the job.
Droids: Old Destroyer Droid from the Battle of Naboo, programmed to protect Thew's ship.
Vehicles: XS-800 light freighter "Core Runner", N-1 starfighter (painted black), speeder bike
Place of Birth: New Centif, Naboo

Sig by Jatari Bazrak

You can fight dying or die fighting.


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Jared Sinn
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Hmm, ok then, I guess I'll post a Bio so that I can jump into an active thread, rather than start in on one only to later have it

RPG: All
Name: Jared Sinn
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Marksman/Scout
Background: The son of political dissidents, Jared was born in the mysterious and perilous wilds of Dathomir, after his parents and a small group of prisoners broke out of the Imperial prison located on the planets surface. Jared learned at at early age that proficiency with a Sorosuub Blaster Rifle was the only way to way to survive the harsh and deadly environment that he called home.
Description: Approximately 1.8m tall, sabdy-brown hair, green eyes, wearing mismatched field leather and pieces of armor
Weapons: A worn Sorusuub Blaster Rifle, vibro blade
Droids: None
Vehicles: None
Place of birth: The Wilds of Dathomir

"Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves,

And immortality."

-Emily Dickinson
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Deft Aklin
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Deriun Veshod

Name: Deriun Veshod
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Devaronian
Profession: Merchant/Smuggler/Squad Leader
Background: Deriun left his homeworld, as most males of his race always did, at a rather young age, 17 to be exact. His intentions were pure, find work, make money and send it back to the wife he hated so. Her domineering ways had driven him away almost more than his wanderlust. He found that work paid little, not nearly enough to support his family back home, the wench spent twice as much as he could ever earn. He was forced into a life of crime. At this time he changed his name, something a little more pronounceable by the locals suited his purpose a little better. It started out as simple cons and pickpocketing. He had amassed a small fortune, sending home just enough to sate her thirst for material goods. Now the game has become more complex. The cons more diabolical, the smuggling of highly illegal goods. One of his two ships lost in a bad gamble on a pod race along with most of his finances, Deriun had only his Swoop and a beat up old patrol vessel that barely had any cargo room. Now he had to find his way all over again. He had the connections, but no longer the means.
Description: Standing a little over 5'11", and weighing a little less than 165 lbs., Deriun was not a very intimidating individual. He had an air of class, that matched the red designer suit that adorned his maroon flesh. A slight bulge under his left arm was a tell tale sign of the blaster beneath. In his right hand he held a black cane with a crystal sphere atop it in his gentle grip. His shifty eyes and devilish smile scan every detail. It's almost as if he is plotting against everyone at once, or maybe he's just assessing the crowd, seeking out his next mark.
Weapons: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Cane
Droids: None.
Vehicles: Swoop, Firespray patrol vessel.
Place of birth: Devaron

OOC: I know Devaronians will not be available in game, but I probably won't get to RP with you guys much then anyway, so I figured I'd play something fun until then.

Minister of Propaganda - The Endbringers
Formerly Deft Aklin - Regent of Dark Sovereignty/The Endbringers of Starsider
“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him;
Not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” –The Art of War, Sun Tzu
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Max Spiegel
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Name: Max Spiegel
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Background: A proficient marksman with some training in the ways of Teras Kasi, Max Spiegel is a very accomplished bounty hunter, praised by his clients and feared by his targets.
Description: A young handsome man with short reddish brown hair, who stands at 5'7". His most peculiar feature would have to be his different colored eyes: one is brown while the other is a lighter, reddish brown. Max Spiegel wears blue mandalorian armor, complete with jetpack and hidden gadgets.
Weapons: A blaster pistol, an EE-3 rifle, and the various weapons concealed within his mandalorian combat suit.
Droids: None.
Vehicles: Firespray Class Patrolship
Place of birth: Coruscant

(Slightly unoriginal, I know, but what can I say? :P Boba Fett's the man! )

"I'm just an old fashioned cowboy."
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Name: Xero Anarian
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'1"
Weight(lbs): 182
Profession: Musician/Swordsman
Background: Xero had a happy life growing up on Naboo. When he was 14, he discovered his musical talents. He started a band with a few of his friends, and they became well known in the area he lived. When he was 17, his town was raided by a large gang. All of his friends were killed, and most of his family he found dead, and the others, missing. Xero picked up an old sword that was used by one of his family members long ago, and defended himself against the gang. The gang escaped, and Xero fled into the wilderness of Naboo. There, he trained himself in the ancient art of swordfighting.
Description: Brown shoulder length hair, green eyes, usually wears black clothes, but recently has been wearing pieces of mandalorian armor(chest plate, arm pieces) and is searching for the remaining pieces
Weapons: Sword, blaster pistol
Droids: none
Vehicles: Stolen B-Wing, Swoop Bike
Place of birth: Naboo

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Name: Lazz Laz'Jhuck
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Mon Calamari
Profession: Mercenary
Background: Born in the Waters of Calamari. His Parents were killed in the Imperial raid of his city though he stays out of conflict of the war. He absolutely hates planets with low water supplys but is sometimes needed to go there for business.
Description/Clothing 5'11, with no hair. His skin is Red/Orange colored. He wears a Long Black Coat, Black clothes,has silver armor on his chest and legs.
Weapons: Two holsters below his shoulders holding Two Modified Blasters. Two daggers held in holsters on his forearms.
Droids: R5 Droid
Vehicles: Modified T-16 Skyhopper
Place of birth: Calamari
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Wraith 8
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just a reminder.... you can use this thread for all RPG's you are in.
but maybe you should state for what RPG you are making the chrachter.

what is up?
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Sienna Kane
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OOC: Any and all RPs.

NAME: Sienna Liara Kane
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 158 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Sandy Blonde (Long, but wore up most of the time)
EYES: Emerald Green
PLACE OF BIRTH: Alderaan, but was raised on Dathomir.
AFFILIATION: Empire/Imperials/Darkside(Dathomir Witch-Nightsister Clan)
PROFESSION: Assasin/Pilot (Best Imperial Female Pilot )
WEAPONS: A long Sword covered with Cortosis, Two Daggers, a blaster and a Lightsaber(Stolen from a Dead Jedi-Sienna knows how to use the lightsaber very well and is also force-sensitive) Magic.
DESCRIPTION: Well-toned. Slight scar on right cheek from battle.
CLOTHING: Mostly Black, but will wear anything that she can to get her job and/or mission done, even a slave's outfit.
VEHICLE: Personal Sith Transport (The Lady's Revenge), Tie Fighter for the Imperials, Speeder Bike.

BACKGROUND: Born on Alderaan to a Count and Countess, but was stolen from them at the age of 2 and brought to Dathomir from Getherizon. Geth taught Sienna everything she needed to know about the NS clan and Dark Magic. Sienna, deep down inside really wants to find her true heritage and family, but keeps it a secret. Until, then she is an assassin for hire and an Imperial.

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Thrackan Solo
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RPG: Enter the Dark One
Name:Coryan Bathyan
Height:6 3
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Brownish Red
Ship: Altecron Tie Fighter with hyperdrive aboard.Roomier than normal Tie. Quad lasers on both sides of Pilot compartment.
Has Living space aboard.
Weapons: Dual Sabers, Two Dl-55 prototype's

I bow before the spoon.

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Jodo Baas
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RP: General character; any and all (Currently The Dark One)
Name: Jodo Baas
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Self-trained Jedi
Background: Traveled with his father throughout his childhood until the Empire murdered him. Jodo always knew he had a talent in the Force, but with the Empire hunting down the Jedi, he kept it secret as best he could. To find peace and a quiet place to harness his abilities, he came to Dathomir and learned from the "witches" there, aiding the Cray Claw clan in their battle against the Nightsisters.
Description: Jodo has always been a simple man, prefering the basic neccessities over elaborate decorations. He is a medium-build man with smooth features and long brown hair usually allowed to flow freely, wearing a form-fitting black jumpsuit covered by a brown raincloak with a hood.
Weapons: An organic-looking lightsaber created mostly from the materials on Dathomir. It has a white blade.
Droids: None.
Vehicles: None.
Place of birth: In deep space aboard his father's old ship, the Centennial Pheonix.
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Pirate Flavored
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RP: All
Name: Humphry Manar
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Bothan
Proffesion: Armorcrafting, Hunter
Background: Raised in Correlia by his father and aunt, Humphry lived a peaceful life in the country until the Imperials came when he was 4 and killed his mother. His aunt, who was a rebel spy, resigned and smuggled herself into Correlia. His aunt was old, but taught him a few hunting and survival techniques. His father got drafted and is stationed in Dantoine.
Description: A very curious young Bothan, with dark brown fur and ruddish hair on his head. He has a necklace his mother gave him when he was 3 and his father's vest. He is also known as a tag-along.
Weapons: A Dressilian Projectile Rifle, and a Prax Arms Stealth Dart-2VX Palm Shooter
Droids: None.
Vehicles: Mobsquet Flare-S Swoop, T-95 Headhunter
Proffesions: Occasionally Hunter, mostly whatever needs to be done.
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Feyne Toth
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RPG: SW Galaxies
Name: Feyne Toth
Age: 22 standard years
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession: Commando
Background: Was found outside an orphanage on Corellia as a baby, Feyne was raised around a wide range of alien species. While having no love for the empire he also has problems with the rebellion - an, apparently, doomed attempt to carve out their own little pices of the galaxy. He moved around alot, wokrking on a few star-liners and transport ships. all the while picking up little skills along the way, especially involving explosives. He eventually fell in with a group of "independant" special forces soldiers and joined them as a demolitions expert.
Weapons: One blaster carbine, one blaster pistol, one explosive bag of tricks
Vehicles: Corellian YT-2400 ("Wraith Stalker"
Place of birth: Unknown, presumably Zabraki homeworld

Recruitment Officer for Klandestine

Klandestine - High Times, Low Pings

Click here to check out Klandestine, the future of SWG PA's
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RPG: All
Name: Joe Raskar
Age: 17 standard years
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Jedi
Background: Joe lived with his family until he was 15, when they were killed by the Empire. A year later, he found a message from his dad, telling him about his Jedi heritage. Since then, he has traveled around the galaxy righting wrongs.
Weapons: E-11 blaster rifle, Modified Bryar Pistol, Yellow Lightsaber
Vehicles: YT-2000 Corellian Transport ("The Traders Luck")
Place of Birth: Maldia
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Paidhi checking in.

RPG: SWG: An Empire Devided.
Name: Paidhi A'tah
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession: Smuggler
Background: I was born in hyperspace, son of an Imperial Ranger (mother, father unknown). Spent my youth traveling from system to system. Educated on bases. I use my contacts within the Empire and underworld to get products where they will do the most good. Occasionally finding "extra" Imperial materials that I can "distribute".
Description: Middle aged Zabrak green skin and black tattoos. Horns are stylish and kept at a nice bright sheen.
Weapons: Power5 pistol and my body.
Droids: LE-V8 (General purpose repair droid with astromech and protocal mods).
Vehicles: Helix Interceptor B.
Place of birth: Galactic space.

Expediter of Dark Sovereignty
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Danyx Jayde

For those of you not allergic to geocities, the bio of Danyx Jayde:

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Pretty good

Vessenn Berak
Teras Kasi Artist/Medic
-A- The Affiliates
Combat Group
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Jatari Bazrak
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RPG:ANY( now For Hire,Swidiot's Cantina, the escape, and Cronicles of a bounty hunter.)
Name: Jatari Bazrak
Age: 29 standard yrs.
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Background: I was born on corellia, I lived a peacfull life til the empire came and destroyed our village. Many brave zabrak gave there lives so we could escape.

Then we came to a planet called TATOOINE and settled down in Mos Entha, but the black talon (organized by Mess the Hutt) found our location, gave it to the empire who destroyed the rest who escaped including my Mother and younger brother Zaron Bazrak.

Bio: A tan skinned zabrak with black Tatoo's, deadly silver horns scared with Blood in rememberance to that fateful day on corellia and a black goate. Wears a Black no-sleeve shirt w/ hood. Midnight blue jeans w/two twin double-blaster pistol holsters and 6 Thermal detonators on his black kryat Dragon leather belt.
Weapons: 2 Twin double-blaster pistols, 6 thermal detonators, and one detonator launcher.
Vehicles: Sassae Tiin's sharp spiral. I call mine NEMESIS
size: equal to Slave I

"It is one thing to die, it's another to be forgotten." -Jatari Bazrak
Rebel staff sergent

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Name: Vessen Berak
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession(s): Teras Kasi Artist/Marksman
Backround: N/A
Appearance: Blue skin with intricate black sith tatoos covering his body. A black cloak covers his body concealing his arsenal of guns and ammo.
Weapons: Repeating rifle, two blaster pistols, and a carbine rifle.

Vessenn Berak
Teras Kasi Artist/Medic
-A- The Affiliates
Combat Group
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Post My Character

Imperial Application #34480755931
The gods as my witness, I never thought it would get this bad…

I come from Alderaan…yes THE Alderaan that was destroyed because our illustrious “Princess” sacrificed her home planet…MY home planet…for her band of rebels. She chose her side and now I’m choosing mine. As soon as I get off this transport heading to Corellia I’m going to make her pay. Her and her rebel friends are going pay in FULL for the lose of Alderaan…oh gods they will PAY!

My name is Jek Sporkwind and I wish to join the Imperial Military in the quest to vanquish this blight upon humanity…
Name: Jek Sporkwind

Bio: Born in Aldera, Jek became one of the many idealistic pacifists of Alderaan. Supporting the new Princess and her zeal for Alderaan, Jek joins several friends in a successful tour around many core worlds proclaiming the need for pacifism. Traveling home to visit his wife and child he finds only space…nothing is left of the wonderful home he once knew. For hours he drifted in space around the ruins of Alderaan until an Imperial Star Destroyer hailed the transport and told them the story of what happened and soon after asked them to leave. The transport did so. Landing on Corellia Jek’s life is starting anew…everything he owned, everything he knew, and everthing he loved was lost. He is alone in the Galaxy and now wants nothing more than to execute his revenge upon the traitor who condemned his family, his planet, and his way of life to death…

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Dathan Surehand
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RPG: SWG: An Empire Devided.

Name: Dathan "Surehand" Surellis

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Profession: Smuggler/Teras Kasi

Background: Please see Dathan

Description: 5'11", Dark hair, Goatee, medium build. Wears robes colored in Black and Yellow hodge-podge.

Weapons: What, weapons?

Droids: R2D2 repair unit

Vehicles: Cargo transporter, seats 6.

Place of birth: Correllia

Does it get any better than this?

Dathan Surehand
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Name: Froobuk

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Wookie

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Profession: Pikeman/Pistoleer

Height: 6"10

Weight: 255

Weapons: Pistol and a vibro-axe.

Appearence: Brown coat Very tall and intimidating, yet still has a very young face. For his height he does not weigh very much.

Character Traits: Incredibly loyal, brave, loving.

Background: Expecting the invasion of the Kashyyyk, Froobuk's parents sent him to Naboo when he was 16 years old. Froobuk's parents unfortunetly had to stay behind on Kashyyyk becasue they were high ranking politcal figures. Left without very much money, no job, and very few skills Froobuk was very afraid upon his arival in Keren, Naboo. Within his first night however, things took a positive turn. While in the local cantina of Keren, a Trandoshan picked a fight with him. After easily winning the fight and buying everyone in the bar a drink, Froobuk caught the atention of a Zabrak by the name of Grask Lekkren. After explaining to Grask his situation, Froobuk moved in with the mercenary and the rest was history.

*The first day of playing SWG will be the next day from when Froobuk met Grask*
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Captain LeChuck
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Character Sheet for the Great Depression


Name: Thrindel Setta

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Naboo

Profession: Imperial Army Officer

Weapons: BlasTech DL-44 Blaster

Appearance: Looks older than he is, there small patches of gray hair in his otherwise brown hair. He has a beard. Is always in-uniform.

Character Traits: An overall intimidating person, cruel.

Background: Born on the Planet Naboo, he has been fed by Imperial Propaganda since he was a little child. However, he angered his entire family as he took up the White Armor and joined the Imperial Army as all others in his family had joined the Navy.
He rose high in ranks very quickly and now commands several groups of Stormtroopers. He thinks that he close to getting another promotion, and the privilage to command a small base.

He is the perfect Imperial, with undying loyalty towards the Empire.

"Resume the bomardment, Commander...Wipe this pathetic planet off the face of the galaxy"-Darth Malak
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RPG: All that im in
Species: Zabrak
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Profesion: Assassin
Description: wears cloak, beard and hair kinda like aragorns
Biografy: father was in imperial army, came home to tell his family to evacuate because the imperials were going to attack. When Sypher returned everyone ws dead, including his father. 5 years later when he turned 30 he decided it was time for the imperial scum to die. Before he was a marksmen for sport, now he is a marksman for survival.
Weapons: 2 pistols on belt and modifyed storm trooper blaster, 2-handed sword on back. 3 thermal detonators at a time.
Armor: under his cloak he wears a thin layer bone armor, a shield generater at belt.
Vehicles: a speeder bike designed for slealth.
Droids: a droid from the battle of naboo programed to distract targets and defense while he is asleep.

Zabrak Assassin
Father murdered by imperials
Enemy of the imperials
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name: rick ulo



race: humon

description:rick was a compationit traveler who seemed to get in lots of fights when he was travelling he was told he waas force sensitive by a mystirious jedi who quickly left. he be came a jedi and really didnt have any friends he had an old greatly modified repeating blasster that his fathher gave him when he left his home .

ships: one he fond deep into the desserts of tanttooine he could not match it to any other ship hed seen ,swoop

droids: old asault droid he bought in tantooine

weapons:automatic light reapiting blaster ,lightsaber with bluish greenish crstal and the handle has krayt leather around it ,wide arrange of tiny diferent knive sized lightsaber

pets: has a shy gizka that stays in hs ship

mommmy say im to old to play star wars... thats why i hate her
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RPG : all
Name : Slagg Rooker
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Species : Human
Profession : Bounty Hunter
Background :A ruethless and cold blooded killer, he will kill anyone for the right price. Was a Mandelorian soldier until the death of Jaster Mereel. He has worked with Imperial and Rebel forces for hire. He perfers the Imperials because of the money they give. Likes to setle on Tatooine. He was born and raised there until the death of his parents and sister.
Appearance : Strong Build. Brown spiked hair.Wears old and scarred Mandelorian Armor .
Droids : none
Vehicles : anything he can hijack
Place of birth : Mos Espa Tatooine

yo, i'm new.
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RPG: All
Name: Davian Anhel
Age: 30-40
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profesion: All combat bounty hunter
Background: Grew up on Coruscant and became a good mellee/ranged bounty hunter. using his cousins sources in the bounty hunting buissness Davian got well known to the crime-lords and quickly climbed to the "experienced" catagory in his clients eyes. Has was a jedi until his master died and he quit. From then on he has kept his lightsaber locked away and never uses his force powers unless there is definetly no other way. He fears that someone may see him and that would destroy his career and mabye his life.
looks: has short, slightly spiked, black hair and stubble on his chin. Wears a large black coat to hide his armour.
Weapons: a single blaster on his belt, yet his armour still has many compartments. And on his gloves he has spiked knuckles.
Driods:Tracker driods and a repair driod on his ship
Vehicles:Modified Swoop bike, more durable and has a gun emplacement. "Shop" the ship where he keeps all his possesions/guns/equipment and where he lives. It is a Modified version of the Firespray to have more weapons and armour. virtually impossible to get open unless you blow it up when its standing still. Its also horizontal all the time instead of vertical in space horizontal when parked.

[EDIT] @lil_dude Yes that what you do and you act him the RPGS youve said.

"Whos more of a fool? the fool or the fool who follows him?"

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Name: Damin Trosk
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Admiral in the Empire
Background: Grew up on Coruscant and when he reached the age of 18 he joined a military faction, when the Empire was formed he became a fighter pilot for them and worked his way up the ranks to become an Admiral. He also has heavy armour at his disposal if he ever needs to go into combat, he is very well trained in ranged and close combat. It's rumored that him and his crew would switch sides for the "right price".
Weapons: Super Star Destroyer(massive arsenal of lasers and bombs), Custom Blaster Pistol
Vehicles: Super Star Destroyer, TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter
Place of birth: Coruscant


Gesro Hawk - Elder of lots of stuff.

Wadoo - Crafter/Merchant.
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Name: Kayne Blackmane
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Profession: Explorer/Adventurer/Artchitect

“Heart of Gold, With a Head of Iron”
This term aptly describes the Naboo-ian born Tsagli Villager. Kayne grew up in a small settlement called Tsagli Village, just south of Keren. You won’t find the Village there anymore, for not long after Kayne undertook adventuring with his companions about the galaxy, a secret coalition of Borvos and Maulers attacked his home village, killing those who resisted and enslaving those that did not… to include Kayne’s parents.

Kayne’s compassion and loyalty to those he calls friends is beyond reproach. His wrath and tenacity against those who are his enemies is absolute… and final.

Just ask the Borvos and Maulers.

Place of birth: Naboo
Current Residence: Tergill, Naboo
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Sarken Ragoe
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name: therival tanasi
species: Zabrak
profession: Tera Kasi Master/arch
appearence: Maroon Tatooes on face. 6'1''
backround:currently employed as a assasin for jabba the hut, working on corellia. Mother was slain by jedi's for slaying a jedi on irodia. Father left therival when he was 20 (keep in mind the avrg death age for zabrak is 114). Moved to tatooine and became one of jabba's slaves. After killing 8 of jabba's men, jabba freed therival and therival became a assasin for jabba.
weapons:vibroknuckles, small vibroblade, heavy blaster, and tusken rifle.
ships: Customized slave-1. enlarged and customized with heavier weaponry. speederbike. customized At-pt. stolen from a imperial ship.
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NAME: Oetch Tisimia
PHYSICAL APPEARENCE: He's short, but very tall for a Bothan. He wears composite armor on his torso . His legs are covered with chitin leg armor and wears chitin armor boots. He has one green braid going down the middle of his head in his back whihc reaches to his shoulders. He is well built, broad shoulders, and has brown sleek fur.
HISTORY: Oetch lived his childhood in a small village on the Bothan planet of Bothwuia. His life was in piece until one day stormtroopers invaded the village, because of a rumor that one of a Rebel Bothan Spy lived there. Oetch had to flee, and was sadly the only one from his family to make it to the nearest starport. Thats when he knew he had to become a rebel. He slowly trainedd himself with pistols until he had gotten very well at it, including footwork, shooting while moving, and that became his primary combat style.
He also found he was a great wilderness scout and built camps, harvested hide and bone, and sold it. He now wanders the galaxy, trying to find the people who ordered to kill the people of his village....
VEHICLE: A customied white and black swoop speeder.
SHIP: A B-WING fighter.

"Many Bothan spies died to deliver data regarding the second Death Star to the Alliance, just before the Battle of Endor. " Star Wars databank,

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Name: Tyrek Morsso
Race: Human
Age: 16
Appearance: Short dark brown hair, 6'1'', 185 lbs, light complexion, wears a black sleeveless jacket over a simple white shirt.
Background: Was born on Naboo, but was raised following his father who was a rebel soldier. On his 15th birthday, imperial storm troopers attacked his home on tatooine, killing his parents, 2 brothers, and sister. He escaped, and began wandering the galaxy soon after by hitching rides on smuggling vessels.
Weapons: A scout blaster in thigh holster.
Vehicles:His fathers speeder bike.
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Appearance:White & Brown fur
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RPG: SWG Total Experience
Name: lordkyber
Age: 20
Species, and Gender: Human Male
Faction: Imperial
Proffessions: Creature Handeler, Rifleman, Force Sensetive.
Settlement:Corellia, and Dantooine
Place of Birth: Deej'a Peek, Naboo

200 years before the Clone Wars, Young Jedi Knight, Seth Skywalker had married The Beautiful Young Jedi Knight, Lann Skywalker(Given Skywalker name after marriage). As We all know Love was Forbidden to Jedi but Seth and Lann have practiced controlling their emotions during their love. After Master Yoda(600 years old then) finished their Marriage ceremony they moved to Deej'a Peek,Naboo. There they had their son Jin Skywalker. After young Jin turned 1 yrs old they moved to coruscant. There Jin learnt the ways of the Jedi. At 3 years old Young Skywalker was permitted into the order. His Lightsaber skills and Force Powers accelerated faster then other students. At age 5 Jin's father, Seth finished training his apprentice and gained the Rank of Jedi Master also a seat on the Council.While then Jin gained Jedi Padawan. At age 7 his mother took him as her padawan. It was not till Jin turned thirteen that his father was killed by a Bounty Hunter while he was patroling a city with other jedi. Young Skywalker grew more to the darkside everytime he thought about his fathers death. At age 15 Jin became one of the youngest and mos powerful Knights in the order. He was proud of that he was the youngest Knight ever. His mom grew sick from a disease while doing a mission on Yavin IV. He tried to stop her form dieing but in the end his efforts did not count. After her death he meditated for 1 day straight on the reason of both his parents death. more hours passed during his meditation and the more he seized his hatred and anger within. he soon came to the conclusion that the Jedi have never helped his parents when they were dieing. Full of anger he left The Jedi Order. At age 20 he learned to survive on his own and mastered taming creatures as a creature handeler. he also developed great rifle skills as a rifleman. One day a Sith visited him in his hut on tatooine and pushed him through a portal to the future where he saw his decendants 225 years in the future. There and old man visited him telling him he still ahs the force and can gain what hes always wanted with it... Now he Re starts his way as a..... dark jedi...named Lord Kyber
Description:Young man. Long Blonde hair (Like anakin ep III) Handsome, Muscular, has Yellow eyes filled with Revenge and Hatred, tall. Mostly Wheres
Dark Black Ubese Armor, Black Clone Armor, Dark Black Cloak, and a Dark Black Spec Ops Jacket.
Weapons: A Gigantic T21 rifle,and a KRayt Dragon DL44 xt pistol
Ships: TIE fighter
Vehicles: Speeder Bike, Barc, Swoop

Main Toon:
FLurry- lordkyber: Imperial Male Human,Guild: REV MCH/Mrifleman 1/6 FS branches unlocked 0/6 FS branches completed.

JA-LeGeNDaRY Jin from 1.00 and Darth Kyber from 1.01( retired skinner from JA) Most people know me as one of the best saberists and elite Sith. I had crushed many clans hahaha and killed clan betrayers! I am resigned from JA now tho but i still visit.

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not a player yet but it will hopefuly be..

RPG: All of the games except for Toow

Name: Oliver Dato

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Profession: Smuggler/Doctor

Background: Please see Me to answer the question

Description: 5'12", Brown hair,medium build.

Weapons: Blaster Pistol (or rifle) and sometime hopefuly Lightsaber

Droids: well I want it to be R2D2 repair unit or maybe a protical droid like 3PO

Vehicles: "Falcon" or maybe like what Anakin had in Ep 3

Place of birth: Correllia
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RPG: *In development*

Name: Riheun Reaza
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Profession: Imperial Bounty Hunter
Ship: Riheun (TIE Oppressor)
Weapons: Varies
Homeworld: Deralia

Stormtrooper uniform (sans helmet)

Saved Tansarii Station from the Black Sun
Single-handedly destroyed a Corellian Corvette and her escorts in the Kessel system
Helped squell the Rebel scum at the Battle of Restuss
Won the Keren City Street Race, breaking the record for fastest time
Received the Imperial Badge of Merit
Received the Imperial Medal of Honor
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