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Thread: Small SP mod I'm working on... Story only atm..
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Small SP mod I'm working on... Story only atm..

Ok this is PART of the background and working story of the SP mod I'm currently working on. Please be kind...
I'm planning to release about 3 maps with this, maybe 4, depending on how far I want to branch the story line.../shrug

The first map is 80% complete, a few area's need to be tweaked, and I have one script that is pissen me off.../grr

The second map isn't even started yet...

3rd map is about 25-30% done, the first two areas are done, but I'm wanting to add about twice as much area as the map currently has, so it will take some time...

ETA on complete project 2 months...

Ok story...

-- Star Wars --
Reborn Complex -- The Hidden.

Opening Sceen: RavensClaw

Jan -- We really should reconsider the offer that Monmatha offered us.

Kyle -- I've had enough dealings between the Republic and the Remnate.

Jan -- I know, but the RavensClaw can't repair herself.

Kyle -- I know, I know.

<>-- Incoming Communication messsage.
<>-- Beeps etc. can be heard coming from the console.

Kyle -- Great, wonder who that is.

Jan -- Just a second and I can tell you.

<>-- Jan types and pushes a few buttons on the console.
<>-- After a few seconds she sits back with a deep frown.

Kyle -- What is it?

Jan -- It's not a message kyle.

Kyle -- Then...

Jan -- Its an encoded SOS signal. But why would some one encode an SOS?

Kyle -- Can you trace it?

<>-- Jan leans back over the console and pushes a few more buttons.

Jan -- Yeah, but we may not have too.

Kyle -- What do you mean?

Jan -- Theres more to this single, I think theres some Nav Cords. here.

Kyle -- Nav Cords? Why would someone send Nav Cords with an SoS?

Jan -- I'm not sure...

Kyle -- Jan, send them to the Nav Computer. I'll see if I can pull them up.

Jan -- Here they come.

<>-- After a few seconds of Kyle pushing buttons on his console...

Kyle -- Yeah their Nav Cords alright, And looking at this its coming from Yavin.

Jan -- Yavin? Do you think its from Luke?

Kyle -- Possibly. See if we can't get through to the Academy.

Jan -- Kyle I think I've found another set of Cords. But these seem to be surface Cords.
Jan -- I'll try the academy but who ever sent this message wasn't at the Academy.

Kyle -- Hmmm...

Kyle -- Go ahead and try the academy. I'm going to go ahead and punch these cords in.
Kyle -- We're not to far out from Yavin.
Kyle -- We might as well stop in and say hi.

<>-- RavensClaw changes vectors and enters hyper-space.

Jan -- Jedi Academy, this is Ravensclaw.
Jan -- Jedi Academy, this is Ravensclaw.

<>-- Incoming message.

Speaker -- Greetings Ravensclaw. Jedi academy, how can we help you?

<>-- Jan pauses for a second, looking at Kyle.

Jan -- Should we tell them about the signal?

Kyle -- Not now, I'll discuss it with Luke, when we get there.

<>-- Jan turns back to the console.

Jan -- Jedi Academy, RavensClaw requesting clearance to land for repairs.

Speaker -- Negitive Ravensclaw.
Speaker -- We're having problems with solar flare. Our equipment has been malfuctioning.
Speaker -- This has also been causing problems with ships in the region.
Speaker -- Please avoid this system for the time being.

Jan -- Ok thanks Jedi Academy. We'll locate another friendly repair bay.

<>-- Jan ends the transmission.

Kyle -- I don't like it Jan.

Jan -- Neither do I.

Kyle -- Just to play it safe, I'll drop us out of hyper-space just out side the system.
Kyle -- We can do a system scan just to be safe.

<>-- A few hours later --<>

<>-- Ravensclaw screams out of hyper-space. In the far distance,Yaviin and its moons
<>-- can be seen orbiting around its sun.

Jan -- The Scans should come back in a few, Kyle.

<>-- A few beeps and lights go off. Kyle keeps looking at Jan, impatience clearly seen in his features.

Jan -- Kyle there seems to be some magnetic disturbance around Yaviin 4, but it doesn't appear to be strong enough to cause any problems.

Kyle -- Jan!! We have Company!
Kyle -- Hange on!

<>-- Blaster shots blaze past the Ravensclaw.

Jan -- Kyle!

Kyle -- Yeah Jan ?!

Jan -- I'm getting to old for this.

Kyle -- You've been hanging around Lando too much.

<>-- Kyle smiles weakly at Jan.

Jan -- I'm serious.

Kyle -- I know, so am I.
Kyle -- Hold on. I'll try to get us out of here.

Jan -- Kyle these ships don't have their transponders active. They appear to be old emperial gun ships.

Kyle -- Great. Could be anyone. You can get those for 5000 credits now.
Kyle -- Take over I'll man the guns.

<>-- Space Fight sceen, RavensClaw continues its evasive manuvers.
<>-- Kyle manages to get off some good shots, taking down two of the gun ships down.
<>-- The other two turn and run for deeper space.

<>-- Kyle comes back to the cockpit.

Jan -- Kyle look.

<>-- Jan is pointing out the cockpit window, toward Yaviin.
<>-- The fighting has moved the RavensClaw, closer and around Yaviin.
<>-- Jan and Kyle can now clearly see two Star destoryers orbiting Yaviin.

Kyle -- I don't think you can buy "those" on the black market.
Kyle -- Why is the Remate here? And why isn't the Republic arware of this?

Jan -- I don't know. Kyle, Those Cords, are coming from the other side of the planet.
Jan -- If we waited long enough we could sneak down unseen while those star destroyers are on an oposit orbit.

<>-- A short while later...
<>-- Ravensclaw makes it way down to the planet.

Jan -- Kyle, I've located the source of that singal.
Jan -- It doesn't appear to be coming from the same location as the surface cords.
Jan -- This signal is coming from below the surface.

Kyle -- If these Cords are right, they appear to be right in the middle of the jungle.
Kyle -- Great.
Kyle -- How far away is the source from the given cords?

Jan -- It doesn't appear to be too far. But theres no telling since its not on the surface.

Kyle -- Great...
Kyle -- Ok Jan, set me down as close to that signal as you can.
Kyle -- Then head to the other side of Yaviin 3.
Kyle -- You should be out of scan range there.
Kyle -- I'll Check things out down here, and see what I can find.

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you're ambitious...this should probably go in mapping or beta testing (probably mapping).
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Old 01-21-2003, 10:28 PM   #3
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Current Screen Shots... Some Area's are still ruff and need to be modified or some what changed.../shrug
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Mapping does look promising. And I must say your opening cinematics will demand great efforts and lots of time - I hope you haven't underestimated that alone. I have done my share of cinematics, and with the camera and NPC positioning and refining, not to mention scripting, it eats time faster than you notice. Of course if you have already done that all, then your rather tight timetable might work. But if you haven't, relax...
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Jan -- It's not a message kyle.

Kyle -- Then...

Jan -- Its an encoded SOS message.
So... if it's not a message... why is it a message? Other than that, the storyline looks pretty cool. Are you gonna have voices? Or are you going to just have it blank.

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I haven't figured out what I'm going to do about the voices yet...
I was thinking that I might be able to do sub titles only... but then that would be kinda odd. I might see if I can record some dialog of my own... Or I might just leave it as text, to accompany the maps, but thta would be a let down...

And lassev, your right, the cinematics might take longer than I anticipate, but we shall see...
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pics doesnt work man

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