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Thread: High school hazings
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Originally posted by C'jais
But what irks me is that the public gets all furious from this incident. No doubt Munik and Jack has seen hazings far worse than this, but as the media placed this story in the spotlight, they're willfully ignoring all the hazings taking place elsewhere, which makes this one pale in comparison. It's like they're feeding the public a mere snippet of reality, and when this matter has been dealt with, we just can close the book and pretend everything's alright again.
Well in the past there has been stories about the military and it's brand of hazing for just about anything you can think off. Since then the higher ups in the branches have been cracking down on it. Anyone accused of hazing in my old Battalion were supposed to be subject to a court marshal, lose of rank, and pay, however; most new marines that reported hazing were treated as liars trying to fry their overbearing NCOs that were in charge of them.

It kind of turned into a rape situation. Like some girls cry rape, because they want to get back at a guy. Some because they were actually raped. Nobody wanted to bust down a otherwise good marine without actual evidence. Also there was the problem of being labeled the wimp in the Platoon. "Oh there is Pvt Pus@y over there he got Cpl Hard A@S busted down." Nobody in a infantry PLT wants to be labeled as week. In my hole 4 years I know of 2 reported hazings in my BN. Only one was charged and punished. I lost count of the number of hazings that went unnoticed and never reported.

Hazing can also be used as a punishment rather than doing paper work and getting someone busted down. They would do some silly thing or be the PLT bit@h for a few weeks. I have gave a few Marines the choice of what they would rather do myself a few times. I personally would rather be hazed in some way than busted down in rank, loose money, and privileges. That's stuff takes time to earn and is hard to get back.

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I was hazed once... I was a referee at a local paintball field, and it was an informal tradition to give the new ref a cup, make him strip down to his boxers, and have him try to take on the entire staff in a hyperball arena.

Man, that sucked. But I agreed to it, knew what I was getting into. I got big respect for it after, too.

I guess you need to weigh whether or not it's worth it. I mean, I didnt have to do it, but not doing it would have made me far less part of the team.

I think maybe those girls simply werent aware of the intensity of hazing they were going to get. Me, I knew what I was getting into. I knew I was gonna get all ****ed up from that. But maybe these girls were expecting something a little more tame?

In the video I saw of the hazing (dont know if it was the same incident), they had a few girls pinned down on the ground and were punching them in the back and sides while pouring stuff on them. They could not have gotten away if they wanted to. It looked more like assault and battery than a haze. The moment you take away a persons right to escape is the moment it becomes serious.

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