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Thread: question about christianity
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Maybe if I saw some verses that referenced it to help me understand it.
The word trinity is never used, but its meaning (God, Son, Holy Spirit) is implied in this verse:

Mathew 3:16-17
As soon as Jesus was baptised, he came up out of the water. Then heaven opened, and he saw God's Sprit come down on him like a dove. And a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love, and I am very pleased with him."
In these verses, all three participate. And its in another place, check this out, because I really dont feel like typing it up:

John 14:23-26 that has some stuff about it also, although it isnt said directly, its there. You see they are one, but 3 different beings. For EX:
1+1+1=3 right? well 1x1x1=1 see?
But its still monotheistic, because there is one God, but they are 3 persons. But its basically, beyond human understanding.... and we just must accpet that, the way evolutionists must accept that they may never find everything they are looking for.

I don't really buy that anytime god uses the plural in reference to things he does (we,us) that he means the trinity. Another thing that I think supports multiple gods is the commandment about not having other gods before him or such. I know you said it was about made up gods, but why would god need to make this commandment? Didn't those with moses (isrealites?) have more then enough proof of god during their journey?
while he was giving that command, or about the same time, they were building a golden calf in otherwords, an idol. Not to mention Egypt had false gods, and so did many other places. The 10 commandments were not written at the biggining of time. It also applys today. Even though we dont have stone gods, (or at least not where im at, i dont think) we can still have false gods. Like im obsessed with something, and do whatever it is all the time, it becomes like a god to me, well God says its wrong. So when he refers to other gods hes refering to all these different things.

or jealous
Did you think that up yourself? Well, your right, and he admitts it, plenty of times. He wants us all to himself, which is basically what life is about, not to us, but to Satan and God. Satan says that he can grab more souls than God can. Of course he is jealous, weve turned our backs on him! Weve gone to other "idols" instead of worshipping the true god, God!
This verse should clear things up-

Corinthians 8 verse 5
Even though there are thigns called gods, in heaven or on earth (and there are many "gods" and "lords"), for us there is only one God - our Father. All things came from him, and we live for him. And there is only one Lord - Jesus Christ. All things were made through him, and we were also made through him.
Ah, see, when in Genisis, when God says, we will make man in the image of ourselves, then if you read that verse it tells us, we were made through Christ, so he must of been there too!

Also, why should I love god?
Because He loves us. BTW half of everything is faith dude. If you only have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains! But back on topic- #1 Jesus died for you, for me, and everyone else. Im surprised, thats nough to mak eme want ot love him. While he hung there, in the sun, he thought of us, he knew we would sin again, but he still did it, just so we wouldnt die from our sins! Thats love. Think about the thousands of sins you have done. God forgives you for each of them, thats unconditional love. Its like hurting someone and saying sorry. After a while if you keep doing this, they dont forgive you anymore, well God doesnt. He still forgives, although the general idea is forgive and dont sin again, bu we are human, and christ intercedes for us.

How, after accepting god and loving him, can I do all that he asks of me? How can I not sin? I know god will forgive me if I ask, but how can I ask god to forgive me for something that I am not ashamed of doing? There are things that god says not to do that I don't believe I could possibly ever give up. Why do I have to change for god? How come god cannot accept me for the flawed human being that I am?
Ah, well its simple, ask and you shall receive. Say i have a problem with lying ( i mentioned this above) I ask God to help me not to lie, and ill do my best when a situation pops up, to try not to lye. And you will have the Holy Spirit to guide you anyways. God will change you, into a better person. A way better person. After all, didnt Christ make blind men see? Cripled men walk? Dead men live? He did this because those men had faith. You will just feel his love. Its so great and powerful.

Everyone has a void in there life. Everyone. Thats when God tuggs on your heart. You search for something, you dont know what, but you know something is missing. That void is where God is supposed to be. He will make you whole. With there help, you can move mountains, but only if you believe, if you dont, then its not worth even trying.

For better advise, read the gospel of James, it has a lot to do with what you have asked, if you questions, post it, and ill try to help. Its not long, about 4 chaptersm 3-4 pages. Wont take you more than 20-30 mins, if that to read. And hey, if it answeres your question then it was worth reading right?

And if you have even more time on your hands, read Hebrews, its longer, but it explains how peoples lifes are made better through christ.

How come his love is conditional?
He has unconditional love, think of all the sins people do, but he still cares about them.

Ephesians 1:5
Becuse of his love, God had already decided to make his own children through Jesus Christ. That is what he wanted and what pleased him, and it brings praise to God because of his wonderful grace. God gave that grace to us freely, in Christ, the One he loves.
"Scriptures quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version,
copyright (C) 1987, 1988, 1991 by Word Publishing, Dallas, Texas
75039. Used by permission."

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