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Thread: **Official Walkthrough of JA Chandrilla** (Spoilers, of course)
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**Official ANDY867 Walkthrough of Chandrila**

After seeing countless numbers of threads all asking how to beat Chandrila, I decided to take it upon myself to put together a spoiler-plentiful walkthrough of the level.. Which means, if I see any other threads on this same matter.. I will delete them due to their congestive nature...

Originally Posted by Andy867
Burial Tomb on Chandrila.

When first entering the level, you will notice a huge boulder blocking your path.
Use Force PUSH to remove it and in doing so, also take out a merc waiting on the ledge on the other side. After walking through the now cleared archway, you will encounter your first new reborn as he jumps down from way above. Dispose of him. Next, go to your right from which you entered and as you will see, there are 2 mercs awaiting on the lower level, chatting about their days as a storm trooper (well, one of them anyway) Jump down and immediately force push the one to the right off the edge of the cliff. Then use your lightsaber to take out the other merc. Make your way down the bridge and ledges and you will come to a platform in which two other cultists will try to kill you.. Just use Force Push and they will fall to their doom as they attempt to jump the gap. After they fall, jump to where they were and make your way down the left side, but be careful because part of the walkway will crumble. Jump onto the next ledge and as you round the corner, another cultist will jump up to head you off, dispose of him. As you jump down to the lower level, 2 cultists will fire at you, cross the bridge and kill each one.. then take the path down to a lower level that leads to a bridge that a merc is about to blow up.. there are 2 options.. use force speed and start to run across and jump to the other side and let the merc be killed since the bomb detected you within its proximity, hence destroying the bridge with the merc still on it, or you can wait till you get close enough and the bridge blows up after the merc almost makes it to the other side until you kill him THEN you jump across the destroyed bridge. Make your way up the stairs, and be ready to face 3 saber-wielding cultists. Kill them, then go to the door on the right side from which the way you came in and look up towards the center of the door, use Force Sense, and then use Force Pull to open the Doors. After walking through, you will encounter yet ANOTHER cultist.. kill him and make your way down the hallway to another clearing.. As you walk into the clearing a blue cultist will jump from your left and begin to attack.. Kill him as well… Jump down to the lower platform, then again to the one below it. There will be another red cultist waiting.. kill him, and your character will wonder how to get across.. There are 2 ways.. One of them is safer and guaranteed NOT to have you fall to your death
Option A) You can jump onto the top left pillar near the ledge and TRY to jump across, or
Option B), you can make your way back to the hallway only to notice a huge wall column leaning up against the platform. Jump onto it and slide down it to safety onto the lower level

There will be a merc off to the left behind a rock.. Kill him and then go to the right to kill the merc shooting at you.. depending upon which option you chose, you can either go up to the left once crossing the narrow bridge and kill the Jedi and Force user up there, or if you killed them, just make your way down to the left and you will come to the same place where the slider option just came to.. make your way to the left and you will need to aim your jump so that you clear the gap but don’t miss the ledge.. you will immediately fight a saber and another force user.. Kill them. Then go to the left and make your way around , and here is a maze of options in which you will need to look down and notice lower ledges.. jump down one by one till you come to a safe haven that again leads you around to the left. You will then need to jump onto the adjacent platform which also has a broken bridge and a merc firing at you, and a force user behind him.. dispose of them, and then notice how there is a doorway behind the crystal in the middle of the platform. Jump on top of the door and then look up and behind you to see another place to jump to.. Jump up and kill the merc.. as you cross the bridge a saber reborn and a force user will attack you.. Kill them, and then you will be at the entrance to the burial tomb of a Jedi Knight.. as you enter, the game will automatically save.. as you make your way inside, there are 2 saber reborns waiting for you on the stairways near the columns.. Kill them and then make your way up to the coffin near the back of the tomb, in which a saberstaff cultist is waiting for you.. kill him.. and then you will need to use Force Sense on either side of the stairs in which you will notice symbols and little panels in which you need to use Force Push.. after doing that to both panels, your character will say that should do it.. Rest in peace Jedi or something along those lines. And then make your way out of the tomb, making sure to stay to the left side of the path in which you came in, seeing as how a huge portion of one of the columns will break away.. as you approach the bridge, it will begin to shake itself besides the burial site, as you begin to cross it, the middle section will break away and then make its way towards you jump as far as you can until you clear the gap, and you will have beaten Chandrila.

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