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Thread: Bloody Nuke
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Post Bloody Nuke

Well, I've never done this before but I would like to talk about something, remember that picture of myself in the London thread? It's fake, I'm really Micheal Jakson... J/K, it is legit, it's me, but what I wanted to talk about is where it came from. Well sit back and enjoy the extremely long story, and please, if your going to read it, read it all:

It all started back in 1998, a year after we moved into our new home and met our nighborhood friends Michael and Caleb. One boring day when Caleb was gone at school Michael told us he had a camera, which was a big deal. So we decided to make a movie, we started with the intro, me and my brother (he may not like for me to tell you his name so we will call him Toad, yes Toad from Mario stop looking at me like that) talked about the movie the audience was going to see, of course making it up as we go along. Toad (The "Director") quickly came up with a name for this masterpiece "Bloody Nuke" he said. He also explained the storyline, he said someting like "The russians have a secret nuclear missle". And so it began with the hero (Michael) trying to find his way through "The Base" (aka, my friend's living room) to the missile so we have a few scenes of stuff untill he actually reaches the nuke and relocates it into the ocean (the sink).
Now this was an extremely low quality 5 minute movie yet most people liked it. It was "different".

1999, shortly after the release of The Matrix we decide to make another movie... Hmm, no originall ideas... Except!, you guessed it, Bloody Nuke 2, this one had more people, and we even left our friend's living room to go in his front yard once just to parody the famous Matrix pan-around scene with "slow motion" and a bullet on a string, but this one didn't make any sense and started out with a thrown-together storyline, "Your aunt... Guaine... was taken to a small box on top of the eifell tower" Said a new character "The General" (Toad) who had a cloak on and used "Force push" on people. So we finished up that 5 minute masterpiece and quickly went on to Bloody Nuke 3, we started it and didn't finish. So far it featured a bit more on The General and unveiled the enemy "Barf Ader" (split-second decision).

Now, somewhere between Bloody Nuke 3 and a year and a half later we had made Bloody Nuke Covert Ops, which had nothing to do with the weak storyline we had and didn't even feature our beloved hero. We also made in this time Bloody Nuke Untold Stories where we learn our hero's name (sometimes previously called "Agent B") which was a mixture between The Matrix and a name we picked from a phone book "Leo Fisher".
Sadly, we lost these two productions of history but we still had our upcoming prequel to Bloody Nuke 1... "The Prequel" in which we told the story of Leo and The General, a strange, twisted story where the general impregnated a woman with a nuclear missile and so she could spawn Leo Fisher, throughout Leo's early life, he killed people, lots of innocent people, and was tought a lesson from his new aquaintance, The General, and was told the whole story. Therefore The General was his father and his brother was Barf Ader, Barf Ader was rejected by his father and The General took Leo in for training and purification. Strange, I know, but it was a storyline nonetheless.

Following this was the completion of Bloody Nuke 3, almost a year and a half after the first part in late 2000. In this one we actually left the living room, YAY! This movie took place in Michael's school gym, and continued the storyline featuring stuff from the prequel, and had music this time from a sterio, but it was mostly pointless, the only story we got from it was that Barf Ader was defeated by Leo and The General. Again, me and Caleb were only cameos in a short, 5 minute movie.

2001, we were on a roll and Toad got a digital vedio camera on his birthday that came with an editing software. Bloody Nuke 4 was the big one (or so we thought at the time) this time around we actually used force moves by reversing the camera. The storyline, Barf Ader is now a cyborg remade by the russians and was creating a second "Bloody Nuke" (like the one Leo shot into the "Ocean" in the first movie) Leo found out about Barf Ader and his plans and defeated him once and for all. This movie featured actuall location planning, various camera tricks, and was 15 minutes long (long for a ameture film).

2001 still, we decided to go all out and get a blue screen, effects programs, and a mic for dubbing. This was the big one. I spent the next full 6 months of grueling work to learn the effects/3D programs and so we started. A year later we are finally done with our true masterpiece of a 40 minute long effects filled movie that actually has a storyline, this is way better than anything we have ever done. Here is the entire movie with some screenshots of what it looks like

Bloody Nuke 5

Scene 1: "Dorin", a covert agent, goes searching for the plans in a guarded office building (PICTURE) and meets up with "Zair" a hooded villan thathas a creepy, crackly voice. Zair: "Return the plans, Dorin" Dorin: "They're not yours to keep, you took them from my country now i'm taking them back" and so Zair chokes Dorin and walks off (PICTURE)

Scene 2: Leo defeats The General (who is now not being played by Toad anymore) in a spar and learns that the general is getting old. General: "It's time for you to have your own apprentace" Leo: "Who, father?" General: "Your cousin, Arkon" Leo: "No father! Not Arkon! anbody but Arkon" Arkon arrives (Caleb) Arkon: "Have something against me Leo?" Leo "were gonna end this now" so they fight (PICTURE) and Arkon defeats Leo and helps him up Leo: Sorry for doubting you, Arkon" and so Arkon sets off with Leo and The General.

Scene 3: Zair arrives at his master Malice's lair (PICTURE) Zair: "The American Government has stumbled on our plans my lord" Malice: (with a voice similar to Palpatines) "hmm, this is unfortunate..." so they talk about how they were going to capture the (now amercan because Barf Ader failed) Bloody Nuke and how dorin figured this out because of the plans and that they plan to capture it anyways.

Scene 4: Leo, The General, and Arkon arrive at the secret base where they are to meet the secretairy of defence (Toad) and discuss the matter
Leo: This is the secret base?" The General confirms and the secretairy arrives, while they are discussing things... The General is shot! The Secretairy flees and Arkon and Leo are left to fight the onslought of Zair's driods (PICTURE) and men. Leo is captured by the droids and Arkon meets up with Zair "Arkon, my old apprentace, time to join the general!" so Arkon takes up the late General's sword and fights Zair (PICTURE) just as Arkon is about to defeat Zair the droids arrive and Arkon has no choice but to give up to Zair and his droids (PICTURE)

Scene 5: Arkon and Leo are being whipped by two guards to move forward just outside the secret base Guard 1: "Were are we taking these prisoners?" Guard 2: "Cell block 16" Leo: "So, how do you plan to get us out of this one?" Arkon: "Just wait for my signal" Arkon quickly turnes around and takes the guard's gun followed by Leo. Arkon: "I could pop you right now" Just then a giant spider comes from behind the secret base and killes the prisoners. Arkon goes to fight it while Leo takes two new prisoners that just arrived, one of the prisoners goes to ambush Arkon (PICTURE) Arkon is knocked out and the Guard is killed by the spider (PICTURE) and the spider goes to attack the awaking Arkon. Arkon force pulles a fallen guards gun that had landed near by (PICTURE) and shoots at the spider so the spider must flee and jumps up to the top of the secret base and dissapears behind it, meanwhile Leo fights the other guard and defeats him causing him to flee.

Scene 6: Arkon: "Comeon Leo lets go, Zair has been mutating pets for his own evil purposes". Arkon an Leo find a militairy truck by the base and are followed and attacked by one of Malice's droids (PICTURE) Leo (in the back of the truck) shoots the car with a missle launcher he found in the militairy truck (PICTURE) but more driods on motorcycles appear from around the corner (PICTURE) and chase Leo and Arkon as the car behind them explodes (PICTURE) Arkon (driving) takes a U-Turn under a freeway and meet up with 2 other threats on the other side (PICTURE) Leo shoots one of the cyclists in the visor and the motorcycle swirves into the truck sending the truck off the road and the motorcycle flying.(PICTURE) While the other cyclist tries to target Leo (PICTURE) Leo shoots him in the face (PICTURE) but he is still operative. (Note this, most people miss it) Leo uses the force to pick up the van (PICTURE) and twists it into a large ball. Another truck arrives and a man jumps from the back of his truck to Leo and fist fights him, after a long moment of fighting Leo pushes him over the edge (PICTURE) and on to the road. A jeep arives and the man inside shoots at Leo and misses, Leo then throws a gernade into his jeep exploding it. Arkon calls for help on the radio and 3 planes arrive (PICTURE) and bomb the truck sending it flying. Arkon pulls into an unknown neighborhood and parks on a small, wooden bridge and reteats from the truck and they both jump off the bridge as a missle hits the truck exploding it.

Scene 7: The Secretairy finds Arkon and Leo and puuls them out of the water. The secretairy then talks with Leo and tells him about his relationship with the general and that they together created the bloody nuke (PICTURE) He then introduced them to Scythe (Me! ) and set Leo and Scythe off together while he goes with Arkon.

Scene 8: While Scythe and Leo are walking through a field Scythe warns Leo (PICTURE) Scythe: "Keep an eye out, Leo. This is a good place for bounty hunters to hide out". A few moments later a bounty hunter (My sister) shoots at Scythe from on top of a nearby cabin, Scythe dodges the bullet with cool matrix action! (PICTURE) Then Scythe instructs Leo to head for the ship, after Leo leaves Scythe looks around for the bounty hunter and is shot at again and dodges with more cool matrix action! This time hitting the bullet with his stick Scythe sees the bounty hunter and shoots her sniper scope and she runs across the roof and dissapears from sight. Scythe looks around and then the bounty hunter appears again from behind the cabin. Scythe: "Who hired you?" Bounty Hunter: "Malice, ever heard of him?" Scythe: "No, but your gonna die". The bounty hunter shoots at Scythe and he does a one-handed cartwheel dodging her bullets with cool matrix action! (PICTURE) (I'm skilled at stick twirling and flipping, gymnastics things) Bounty Hunter: "Your pretty good" Scythe throws his stick at her in reply leaving it sticking out of the cabin wall right by her head, she whips around and shoots him and he stops the bullets (PICTURE) and formes them into another stick (PICTURE) The bounty hunter grabs Scythes neck and shoots a laser into his eye. The bounty hunter's body falls to the ground and a red mark appears around Scythe's eye, he then snaps his finger and the body of the bounty hunter bursts into flames as Scythe(?) walks off. He then meets up with Leo and holds him at gun-point. Scythe-with-an-abnormally-high-voice: "First the General and now you" Leo: "You killed the General?! You traitor, how could you!" Bounty Hunter: "Apperances can be decieving, Leo, I inhabited Scythes body" Leo then hits the bounty hunter knocking her out. She then gets up and walks off after Leo has fleed.

Scene 9: Leo runs for his ship and gets in as 3 helicopters arrive, he shoots down the helicopters and flies at to a higher altitude. Two droids flying planes (look closely) spot Leo's ship (PICTURE) and get into a dog fight and different looking ship flies to meet them. The bounty hunter in her cockpit: "You won't get away this time, Leo". Leo shoots a ship down and the droid pilot ejects and open's it's parachute. While shaking it's fist at Leo's ship the bounty hunter's ship flies by and the droid turns his head to look at it revealing a large hole in is face. Leo and the bounty hunter fly into space while the other plane burns up in the aptmosphere. Leo dodges an asteroid and a laser shot from the bounty hunter's ship (PICTURE). They exit the asteroid field and return near Earth where the bounty hunter spots her ion satellite and tells it to shoot for Leo's ship, Leo sees this and dodges it and the bounty hunter chasing behind it shot instead (PICTURE) Leo's ship is clipped and plummits to earth, in Houston city (PICTURE) (wow, that place looks familiar )

Scene 10: Zair meets up with Malice and talks about their evil plan and Leo and their massive army and stuff.

Scene 11: Leo talks to Arkon via radio and Arkon tells Leo that the Bloody Nuke is there and being transported. Leo meets up with the giant walker and sets a bomb on it.

Scene 12 and 13 alternating: After the walker has travelled gives Leo an idea of where the ememy is he detonates the bomb destroying it, but the heavily armed Bloody Nuke inside is still there. Leo walks up to a hillside and looks across a field of droids. The american army arrives and walks up behind Leo. Meanwhile within the army a driod (with a hole in his face) walks up to the droid army commander (which looks strikingly like IG-88 ) and tell him something un-hearable (PICTURE) The driod army commander then yells something out. Leo "So it begins". The american army storms down the hill and heads for the droid army. The droid army readies themselves and the madness begins (PICTURE) A mech shoots out several missiles (PICTURE) in an attack on the american army (PICTURE) A tank cannon fires from atop the hill as another mech fires in the distance (PICTURE) Two droids climb on top on an american tank and throw a gernade into the open hatch (PICTURE) A mech (the one firing the several missiles) pilot spots another mech (PICTURE) and aims it's beam cannons at it (PICTURE)

Meanwhile Arkon returns to the base and finds malice in a room.

Malice: "Zair is here, he's just a little busy at this time."
Arkon: "My buisness is with Zair, I used to be his apprentace."
Malice: "I know who you are Arkon, my name is Malice and I have been monitoring your work for a very long time."
Arkon: "Liar! Reveal yourself to me!"
Malice: "As you wish, but remember, there is no one here to protect you."
Arkon: "Your wrong, the secretairy of defence at I have figured out your plans, your end is near"
Malice: "You are more foolish than I thought, no my friend, your government has failed you, for I am your presious secretairy"
Arkon: "No! It can't be! Mr. secretairy!"
Zair appears from a doorway
Zair: "Yes, Arkon, you've been working for us this whole time"
Malice: "Meet my apprentace, Arkon, I think you two know each other"
Arkon: "Zair you scum!"
Malice: "The world will be no more soon, your people can thank you for their desrtruction."
Zair: "Prepare to die, my old apprentace!"
Arkon and Zair duel and Arkon severs the head of Zair letting his black blood loose (PICTURE)

Meanwhile Leo fights off several droids (PICTURE) (PICTURE)

Back at the base Malice activates his lightsaber and Arkon readies wiht the Generals sword. They fight (PICTURE) The General's sword is more powerfull and Arkon throws Malice's lightsaber down deactivating it. Malice then take the General's sword from Arkon.

Meanwhile, the driod commander fights the American army back (PICTURE) The driod with the scar meets up with the commander and tells him that Malice is insane and that they need to leave the planet (PICTURE)

Arkon calls for help and Leo warps himself to Arkon's location and hands him a staff to fight with, they give into an intense battle (PICTURE) and Malice incapacitates Leo and duels Arkon. Arkon backflips to dodge Malice's slice but is impaled on landing (PICTURE) Leo regains consiousness and force pulls his weapon and prepares to duel. Malice presses a button from a small remote in his hand
Malice: "It's too late, the nuke has already been set off."
Malice renders Leo helpless as he uses his lightning (PICTURE)
Leo Fisher: "This... Is for my father!"
Leo struggles up and with all his strength chops off the head of Malice (PICTURE)
Leo then makes his way to his ship and flies off.

Scene 14: The world and all it's people come to an end in an instant (PICTURE) (PICTURE)
The camera pans out showing all of the planets
On board the ship Leo sits motionless at a control console...
Suddenly theres a flash and a splatter of blood (PICTURE) and behind the fallen body of Leo Fisher is familiar Droid. And from either end of the ship appears several droids that will live on to whatever awaits them. Outside in space the ship fies by. And the camera slowly flies by all the planets showing their detail and then pans into the sun where the credits roll, at the end of the credits it shows the words...


I hope you enjoyed this story, it took me all day to type out, I'm glad I could share it with you, please post you thoughts and comments, if you have any questions or find any errors please inform me,

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NOTE: If pictures do not work go here and scroll down every time it says (PICTURE)
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Sam Fisher
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Hehehe.. that's pretty imaginative

BTW: all the links don't work. But the second post's one does.

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Meh, to my it says the site is currently unavailable. Therefore none of the pics work.

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So this is your idea to destroy the world....not bad...a little rough around the edges but not ba- o this is a movie....*ahem*

but seriously

I say that you killed off all your destroyed the earth and all the good orthodox but original

Love God and Jesus as they love you
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Well... you'd kinda have to see it...
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That's a pretty good film/story or whatever. Obviously had a lot of ideas taken from other stuff. I was half expecting that line:

"I AM your father!"

Oh, and replace America with 'Rebel Alliance' and Russia/Droids with 'Galactic Empire'.

Nah, enough of that. It's sounds good with lots of decent fighting going on.

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Hahaha nice pics IG!

Btw, you didnt have to double post, just edit.

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*looks back at massive post he spent all day writing*

Does it matter?
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