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Thread: Philosophy and the Matrix
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Philosophy and the Matrix

Hey guys, I just got out of my philosophy class to which we discussed the movie the matrix. And well I just wanted to bring up some certain things that I find are pretty cool and let you all have at them.

1) The Matrix is based upon Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland
- Based upon Morpheus asking Neo if he wants to find out how far down the rabbit hole goes

2) Matrix Reloaded is based upon The Wizard of Oz
- The room with the creator, finding out who is pulling all the strings, etc.

3) Matrix Revolutions is based upon the gospels
- Neo's final scene...

I'll discuss any of these in more detail upon request.

^ Tutorial on this coming soon!
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Captain Wilson
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We looked at the matrix in philoshpay as well. but more in genral terms and using it as an example

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Hmmm very interesting....please tell us more.
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Me and my brother looked at all the philisophical references for days on end after the disappointment that was Matrix Revolutions. Needless to say, given that the debate when on for days, I can't post it all here, and I'm not going to try. But the movie references where never looked upon. We mainly seen all the religious texts.
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There is a whole section on the official Matrix website devoted to philosophy, just to go Mainframe -> Philosophy. Check it out sometime.
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Quite seriously, if anyone really believes that The Matrix films are a lucid philosphical commentary then I suggest you check out some *real* philosophy, not to mention films that dont rely on whizz-bang camera tricks to get noticed....

Start at :

then go to :

and the final jump :
*The Wachowski Bros.... DUH !

Next time you are at your vid store, walk past the 2 metre cut out of Larry Fisburne holding a gun, and go the arthouse section, look for :
*Three Colours Trilogy by Kristof Krislowski
*any Jean Luc Goddard film
*Mulholland Drive by David Lynch, then go look up "Manifest dream patterning" in a psychiatry text book....

Lewis Carroll was a mathematician. The second book in his Alice series, "Through the Looking Glass" is far beyond a tale told to amuse his niece(which was how the original story was created). It is actually a chess game, played out with the characters and their actions....

The Matrix may have been inspired by Carroll and the other sources mentioned, but in no significant way do they compare let alone surpass....IMO, of course.... AFAIC, the Matrix is a sci-fi trilogy, the first film being a classic, the second and third reminding me of Hamlet.......

".....a tale told told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing..."


Asinus asinum fricat
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quote unquote *real* philosophers you missed:

St. Augustine
St. Anselm
St. Thomas
Karl Marx
David Hume
Immanuel Kant
C.S. Lewis
John Locke

And secondly, the reason why I brought up the Matrix and all of it's relevant philosophocial points is because people actually care about the movie because of the special effects. I'm not saying the movies suggested by you are bad, just not for this age group of people. The Wachowski brothers made sure to bring all the hints out in a not so subtle way because they knew that the general audience wouldn't catch on. Clever marketing.

^ Tutorial on this coming soon!
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People still keep on rambling (imo) that the Matrix is somewhat super philosphical because you have some dark people in suits saying one liners in a deep voice

You can find something philosphical in every's just like art where my teacher would ramble about how the artist expresses his emotions of beeing trapped by the society by painting a yellow square. Just a yellow square...

Matrix 2 and 3 were purely commercial and didn't explain anything except raise more questions about THE MATRIX.
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sorry, but either way Revolutions had to be the worst movie i ever seen- half of the theatre opening night of it almost walked out and ppl literally threw **** at the screen

they should have stopped at the first one like all wannabe trilogies...they only get worse than the one before

you also forgot the white rabbit tattoo on the girl that Neo was supposed to follow

before we saw revolutions my friends and I were hoping to keep in with Carrol that the end would actually be Neo waking up at his CPU for it to be one big dream-that might have made the movie worth half of a matinee price
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