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Thread: Stuck: JA: VJUN (Acid Rain)
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Wink Stuck: JA: VJUN (Acid Rain)

I managed to enter the building and destroyed the Tie Fighters using the weapon on top of the tower. The second objective is to enter the Castle. I'm now at the building's entrance, facing the river. Where's next? TQ
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Sam Fisher
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Go to the left of the big building. There are some dark rocks that you can jump on.

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You might want to put a *spoiler* warning on this thread. Some people don't even know about the whole acid-rainy-vjun thing. I love that level though, its mighty fun.


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Doug Thompson
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Hmmm. Sounds to me like he's past the "big rocks" stage. Leave the building you're in and run down the valley. You'll find another entryway.
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