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Thread: Possible Changes in New Patch...
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Possible Changes in New Patch...

Over at the Lucas Arts message boards, there is a note from a PS2 developer mentioning the possibility of changes in the next patch.

What caught my eye was a mention of possible "spawn invincibility" option for server admins. I don't see how this would work. It came up as an idea after countless people were complaining about vehicle spawn camping.

But with spawn invincibility, how would command posts be captured? Killing the new re-spawns are crucial to capturing them. We've had the spawn camping discussion, and I think we all agreed that it's only lame when it's in a vehicle, or if there is no effort to take the command post.

Maybe it would work if the invincibility only worked when the command post was not in the process of being changed over to the other team. In other words, the presence of an enemy infantryman near your CP would turn off invincibility.

The other big update, which I am excited about, is the ability for PS2 server admins to change the number of entry tickets.
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I am very much looking forward to this new PC Dedicated Server for the PS2. For the PC players, I believe the Host can set a time delay where the spawning player can not be killed (ie: 2 seconds). It is very likely we will get the same options they have.

I see how not being able to kill the enemy could make capturing a command point complicated, but the fact that vehicle spawn campers will be less effective is a good trade-off.

I like the option of booting / banning people from my server... good-bye team killers.

It is my understanding that the PC platform already has this update. I would love to hear what they think about these changes to the Dedicated Server.
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"spawn invincibility" sux i hates it yes i do
in the PC version there seems to be some wierd lagging effect caused by the spawn invincibility, i dont mean like a connection lag but like dont be trying to shoot cause that will delay when you can or taking 10 seconds to get in a vehicle
but the spawn settings are 2 seconds

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As long you can't kill somone when invincibil it's ok. Then vehicles wont be as affective as spawn killers, but still can clear a spawn point.
I hope they add a ticket maneger so the server admin can change tickets.

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what else do they hint at?

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Since the patch in question has been released, please direct your attention to the latest "Patch" thread sticky.

Thank you.

[Edit: On second though, see this post here: ]

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