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Thread: Postlude to Holocaust Part VI: Strangers
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Postlude to Holocaust Part VI: Strangers

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

Star Wars: Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Chapter Six


It is a dark time for the galaxy. One year ago, as the remnants of the Empire and the struggling New Republic fought each other unawares, a mysterious alien force called the Aesir unleashed destruction across the galaxy. Four-fifths of the galaxy's intelligent life was destroyed as the stars giving light to its population centers went supernova, leaving only Coruscant and small planets with sparse populations untouched.

The galaxy at large know little about the Aesir's motivations. Some claim that the act was vengeance for the death of the Aesir's leader, Odin. The Aesir tell those who can listen that the death of their leader signalled the painful destruction of the galaxy. They say they struck first through mercy, offering as many as possible a quick death so few would have to suffer what was to come.

Shortly after the Holocaust, a few Aesir and an unlikely assortment of unusual beings from all over the galaxy - even from other dimensions - assembled to begin a long-prophesied quest to find a device called the Time Matrix. It is said that this device grants the power to undo time and set right what has happened.

According to prophecy, to find the Time Matrix, champions must seek:

"Ten keys
Seven gates
Fire, Eye, and Ice"

Thus far, the group has found five of the ten keys, and unlocked four of the seven gates, helped by an ever-changing map that comes with each new key. They have encountered many dangers, passed many strange tests, faced alien supernatural powers, and even had one of their own betray them during their quest. They have used up one year of the alloted time frame of twenty-two years before the forces of evil destroy the galaxy altogether.

In the last chapter, the group was taken to Midgard, home of the Aesir. There, an enormous, day-long battle was fought, between billions of supernatural, evil monsters and undead Sith and a relatively tiny force of Aesir - and a few volunteers from the group. With odds of thirty-three thousand to one, the forces of evil easily won this corrupted version of Ragnarok, and the few surviving Aesir along with the group was forced to retreat while they had the chance. It is clear that finding the Time Matrix is the only hope for saving the galaxy.

The survivors have arrived on the planet Katrin for rest and supplies, waiting for the mysterious map to once again change and tell them their next destination...



* No godmoding.
* Try and keep most out-of-character discussion in the discussion thread.
* New people please post a character description.


Current characters:

Aidan: Gargoyle (male), Aetherian alien
Allessa: Human (female), Agamarian
Asgardreid: Aesirian Ship
Cracern: Human Clone (male), Force Adept - MIA, presumed dead
Drago: Human Immortal (male), Mrearan expatriate, Agamarian
Elella: Human (female), Atredian Force Adept, Orthos' cousin
Guy: Human (male), former Shadow, Aetherian alien
Gerd: Jotun (female), presumed to be an Aesirian child
Gortick: Human (male), Atredian expatriate, Orthos' brother
Hal: Human (male), Agamarian Jedi Knight
Heimdall: Aesir (male), Einherjar, Vidar's brother
Idona: Aesir (female), Valkyrie Hunter
Idun: Aesir (female), Beserk Healer
Josine: Human (female) - dead
Marin: Amnaer (female), Aetherian alien
Matt: Human (male), Agamarian Force Adept, being trained in the Jedi arts
Misae: Human (female), former Jedi Knight - turned traitor
Orthos: Human (male), Atredian Avatar
Ragnar: Aesir (male), Beserk
Raschel: K'Beran (female), NRI operative
Ritchet: Interdimensional Alien Being (male), appears as a talking, teleporting mouse
Sir-vin: Human (male), pseudo-Jedi Knight - comatose
Svafa: Aesir (female), Valkyrie
Tanara: Human (female), Jedi Knight
Valda: Aesir (female), Valkyrie Healer
Vidar: Aesir (male)
Viddal: Aesir (male)



((This first section written by Admiral.))

*Two days have passed since the battle at Midgard. The world of Kartin was suffering greatly, its citizens were barely able to make a living. Food was in short supply and now very expensive, only the richest on the world could afford food every day.

The Asgardried, landed along side a long sandy beach. The ramp was extended, although the interior doors remained closed. The group could come and go as they please. There was a winding path that lead a small village two miles away.

During the two day journey to Kartin, Heimdall worked mainly in his forge coming out only to eat. He crafted a permanent arm for Tanara on the first day. The arm looked exactly like the one she lost, except it was blue made out of mithril. There were also silver runes carved into it at the point it would attached to the her original arm.

When it was finished, Idun immediatly took Tanara into surgery and attached the replacement. Otherwise, Idun and Valda spent most of the journey tending to the others who were wounded. By the time they reached Kartin most of the group had recovered from their wounds.

The Drakes had followed the Asgardried, clinging to the hull while the ship was in slipstream. At the moment the drakes were relaxing along the beach, but keeping an eye out for any potential enemies that may come after the group.*


*Aidan slept in stone form aboard the Asgardried, alone in his room under a portable sun lamp. Marin sat outside, watching the Drakes on the beach. Raschel had gone to head to the village to see if her remaining credits would buy anything.*


Kartin System, Beran Minor

*Guy exits warp space above an icy, empty world.

His ship has greatly expanded in size, with several new sections added on to its modular frame, not to mention a piece still attached to the side that was what remained of the mercenary ship.

Receiving info from his ship's sensors, Guy mentally surveys the situation and comms the Asgardried*

Guy: I have arrived at the coordinates your ship gave me. Either there is some mistake, or is there something you would like to explain?

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